Friday, 22 May 2009


An excellent inspiring EU broadcast by Nick Griffin tonight put our party's case to the voters. It nailed the lie that we are racist and demonstrated the truth that we are in effect a conservative party (with a little c).

The party with the big C has shown no interest in conserving anything British, while the much hyped UKIP has foreign candidates, so not much British sentiment there. Labour is of course engaged in securing the immigrant vote.

We want to preserve our country, its culture and freedoms from foreign invaders and influences such as the EU. Our forebears fought ruthless European tyrants twice in the last century to preserve our independence and freedom and our party will not stand by and see them given away.

I attended a meeting last night with Nick Griffin as guest speaker. The main topic was the incredible response we had had to our campaigning and leaflets, far in excess of what we expected. I knew the broadcast would be good as I was present at one of the early planning stages, but our new call centre specially set up to deal with new enquiries has struggled to cope (32,000 calls in 2 days)

We have of course been helped by the expenses scandles of MPs which lays bare their contempt for the people who so foolishly elected them.

This week our advertising hoardings have been put up, to the expected dismay of the other parties who will use every trick in the book to have them taken down.
It does not seem to occur to them that just as they are entitled to advertise, so are we. Any attempt to stifle our adverts shows their fascist methods and portrays us as victims of injustice, thus shooting themselves in the foot and gaining votes for us.

Predictably in "enriched" areas there has been trouble, with muslims in Luton protesting and threatening to burn them. The police respond that we should take them down to avoid trouble. So much for democratic debate.

What they can object to is beyond me as the adverts only say "British Jobs for British Workers" but evidently these people do not consider themselves as British. It also shows their lack of understanding of the meaning of democracy and the increasing threat to our freedoms by the continuing immigration of people who do not respect our values.

Activists in all areas speak of a surge in support for us.
I hope it translates into votes.

For a DVD of Nick Griffin's talk on our progress please ring me on the above phone numbers.

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Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

Post the video in 10 mins sections on the Wigan blog. in General 10 min sections are about as much politics as ordinary members of the general public can take at one time. However if Griffin is anything he is charismatic, so they'll be back.

Chris Hill

5-10 min sound bite really are more effective than 45 mins of political speeches.