Saturday, 23 May 2009



Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Now this is starting to look like a vote winning blog.

Even I watched this video on here, something I'd not been able to force myself to do up until now.

Wigan BNP moving forward and upwards.

On another point, I did a few hours canvassing in Morecambe yesterday, and the response was tremendous. I've stood in Lancaster 3 times now (best support 21% in 2007) but have seen nothing like the support we were getting yesterday from the voters. Believe it or not, even some of the anti BNP people who came out in force to oppose us agreed that, at least in principle, our policies are sound. I got the impression that even some of our most vocal opponent had started to realise that it is their culture and way of life that is in danger as well, and some did seem to be genuinely concerned about the situation. I now believe that no one is beyond political salvation, WE CAN STILL WIN!

Chris Hill

Andrew said...

Hi Chris,
I think and hope we will win. Especially after these 'net attacks.

I've just been listening to BBC R4 this noon and just before they ripped into the EU troughers they had a prominent labour guy who was speaking of proportional representation. Do they think they will lose so much power only the cream of the cream will get a seat if it was such a system? Such an act of self preservation would bode us well. The bad side it would make mp's more distant to the local electorate. They would have less desire to be "Member Petitioners". (It is what MP stood for once.).