Friday, 17 April 2009


The Lancaster Unity weblog (find it yourself - I'm not posting a link to filth), formerly Lancaster UAF, yesterday had commenters making allegations that a BNP councillor was yesterday convicted for paedophile activities.

Well sorry to bounce it back on them, but the only councillor yesterday convicted for paedophile activities was Joe 'Paedo' Shaw - an ex-councillor, who was jailed for six years for possession of 2000 paedophile images - some of the worst category - and a firearm and ammunition. He was a LABOUR councillor. Did you read that? - LABOUR. And just in case you missed it: LABOUR.

UAF - go suck that up.

I have a question to ask: is he still a member of the Labour party, even if no longer a councillor? Because I can guarantee he would have been drummed out of the BNP a long time ago for those sorts of charges - just the charges would do.


Andrew said...

I personally knew the guy on several quarters. The funny thing was I used to jibe him to move over to the BNP to stay votable. He did reflect that Wigan is basically a racist town.

I must add, not a very peadopillic town too.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,

You said:
'he would have been drummed out of the BNP a long time ago for those sorts of charges - just the charges would do.'

I say.
No that would be quite wrong! Everyone has the right to be assumed innocent until a jury finds them guilty. Now I would agree that it is quite acceptable to suspend a persons membership (on the understanding that that action in no way implies guilt), when they are charged with a serious criminal offence. But to expel someone before they have had a chance to refute the allegations would be simply wrong, and possibly unlawful as well.

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Fine in theory Chris (and I can't honestly say I disagree with you) - but what do you think would happen in practice, especially given our precarious position in public opinion?

Let's just say he would "resign his membership" same day.

Andrew said...

I have to agree with Morg on this one. No matter who that person is or what they have done. They should leave immediately.

Regardless of the manipulated "public opinion".

This should always be the party that is a head and shoulders more moral and upstanding than any other.

If someone has been proven to be "set up" then forgiveness and reinstatement is due. Along with party help over legal proceedings so this never happens again. Obviously.

peter franzen said...

Anti-gag (Chris Hill - Lancaster) is absolutely right.

"Everyone has the right to be assumed innocent until a jury finds them guilty"

Joe Shaw was drummed off the Wigan Council a few days after he was arrested, because New Labour wanted to distance themselves from any bad news.

In this respect it seems from some of the posts on here that the Wigan BNP would have acted no different from New Labour.

It seems to me that The Wigan BNP and the Wigan New Labour Mafia are all pissing in the same pot.

Who was it it that boasted that they had got me removed as a Councillor in Golborne and got Labour re-elected?

Congratulations to you and your New labour Zionist shyster friends.

Lanky Patriot said...

Of course Wigan Labour Party wanted to distance themselves from their paedophile councillor as would the BNP in the same position.
There the similarity ceases.
BNP members are not drawn to paedophilia and the Party would not tolerate it in any shape or form.
A paedophile would not feel comfortable in the BNP and would not join. They obviously often seem to be comfortable in the Labour Party.

As far as us being pleased that you lost to Labour in the last election it was not because of any love for New Labour but a dislike of your attitude to those with whom you disagree and through it you.
We have always found Labour councillors much more civilised and courteous, which should be the case in politics as in life.
This is the reason why your party split, not necessarily for doctrinal reasons but because of you and your aggressive and boorish attitude to your opponents.

If you could debate in a civilised manner, possibly you would not attract the dislike of your opponents and erstwhile allies.

Lastly your jibe about us being Zionists hardly tallies with your frequent references to BNP members as Nazis. You can't be both, or can you, Comrade?

peter franzen said...

Hi Wigan Patriot

You state:
“We have always found Labour Councillors much more civilised and courteous, which should be the case in politics as in life.”

As well as the convicted child pornographer Joe Shaw does that include Councillor’s Barbara Bourne (AKA Barbara Porn), Rhona Winkworth (AKA Rhona Wankworth), and former Councillors Barry Hampson and Mark Hale, who were all found guilty by an internal Labour controlled inquiry of “allowing” their Wigan Council computers to be used to download porn? They all got off with a slap on the wrist.

Well isn’t that just so nice?

Never mind New Labour’s illegal Iraq war, their support for Zionist Israel, cancelling our basic freedoms that have existed since King John sealed the Magna Carta at Runnymeade in 1215, and screwing up the economy.

That you prefer this gang of crooks, pornographers, paedophiles and fraudsters to an honest and open politician such as myself speaks volumes.

The message comes across loud and clear:

The BNP and New Labour are all pissing in the same pot


Lanky Patriot said...

Such a cultured turn of phrase haven't you?
I like you have no time for child porn, or any sort of porn.
I certainly condemn the use of council computers for such purposes or indeed any purposes unconnected with legitimate council business.

I don't know all the details of the offenses you allege but if true I unreservedly condemn them.

I would also criticize any lenient sentences meted out.

Do you condemn the illegal downloading of our membership list by Metro employees on council computers?
Do you condemn the harassment of BNP members working for the Metro.
Surely watching porn on council computers is worse than membership of a legitimate party?

My comments on councillors with whom we contested elections were concerned with their general courtesy. Yes we have opposing points of views but there is no need for loutish behaviour when you lose.

You obviously have not read the BNP's manifesto.
We are totally opposed to our involvement in Iraq and Afganistan.
I as a nationalist can sympathise with the people of Palestine and always have done, but when groups such as Hamas advocate genocide of Israeli Jews, and indeed massacre the Fatah opposition my sympathy diminishes.

AND LASTLY,We are striving to retain our freedoms gained in The Magna Carta, free sppech for instance. That is why we are so incensed at the violence dished out to us by your "Respect" friends when we seek to hold a private meeting.
We don't hassle your meetings so please let us have our own in peace.
RESPECT? Your trouble is that you have NO respect for the rights of people whose views you oppose.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

You said:
'We are totally opposed to our involvement in Iraq and Afganistan.'

I say:
I'm not sure that's completely correct. I don't think anyone in their right mind could support either ours or the US's actions in Iraq, but Afghanistan is a totality different matter. The government of Afghanistan (ie the Taliban) was part of an unprovoked attack on one of our closest allies (the USA on 9/11) we had a duty to provide both moral and military support after that attack. Although why we are still there over 7 years later is a mystery to me.

Iraq was included in the war as a add on for many different reasons, not the least of them oil.

mixing the two totally different conflicts up is a mistake.

Chris Hill

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris , the Party believes we should not be in Afganistan and the soldiers should be brought home.
It is not our war or even a war.
It was George Bush's idea to have a war on terror. There is no such thing.
We do not know what we are trying to do there. Are we disrupting the poppy trade? That just antagonises the people and drives them to the Taliban.
Are we trying to impose Western democracy? They don't want it and more go to the Taleban.
Are we trying to destroy the Taleban? For every family killed they get more recruits.

Fighting in Afganistan does much more harm than good and antagonises muslims all over the world.
We need muslims on our side so they will help us root out terrorism and we can talk to them and negotiate so that they can have muslim lands without us interfering and we can then insist on muslims in our country return to countries with their religion.
Live and let live. Let us live here and let muslims live in their own countries.

The Iraq war was not fought for oil. We could buy it as China and Japan do.
It was fought because Saddam pointed a gun at Israel.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,
Parties don't have beliefs people do. When did a properly assembled conference, whose representatives were democratically appointed at the branch and group level, discuss and vote on the issue of Afghanistan?

As for Iraq, I think there were probably as many different reasons for invading as there were people making the decision to invade. But I do think oil played a large part in that decision for many who helped make it.

Chris Hill

peter franzen said...

21st April 2009

Hi Lanky Patriot

You said
Do you condemn the illegal downloading of our membership list by Metro employees on council computers?
Do you condemn the harassment of BNP members working for the Metro.
Surely watching porn on council computers is worse than membership of a legitimate party?

My answer to all three questions is yes.

When I lost the Golborne election by less than 80 votes in May 2009 the only loutish behaviour I witnessed was from the Labour hacks and their cronies who were cheering and jeering. I did not respond.

I am aware of the BNP’s policies on Iraq and Afghanistan and as you may know I am in broad agreement.

With regard to Israel it is an illegitimate state founded by the US, the UK and France on land stolen from the indigenous Palestinian Arabs, Moslems, Christians, and others, most of whom have been ethnically cleansed from their own land and put into ghettos in places such as Gaza. Israel is a nation of illegal immigrants from places as far away as West and East Europe and the USA and many of them hold two passports just for good measure.

The vast majority of them were not oppressed in their countries of origin so why did they need to go to Palestine and steal someone else’s land?

And by the way there is a large and thriving Jewish population in Iran where they are not oppressed and are represented in the Iranian Parliament. In spite of that they have been offered huge bribes by the Zionists to emigrate to Israel.

However from posts on here, and indeed from views attributed to your hero of the month Tony ward, I am not clear about the BNP’s policy on Israel. It seems to me that some of you have swallowed the Zionist propaganda hook line and sinker.

It doesn’t appear to be consistent with the usual BNP policy that immigrants should go back to their countries of origin.

I am not a Moslem and do not agree with all the actions of Hamas and Hezbollah. Also I do not agree with the Palestinian infighting, which is counter productive. But we should all understand that Hezbollah and Hamas are the only effective defence against the Zionist baby killers and mutilators in South Lebanon and Gaza. And let us remember Hezbollah and Hamas have no wish to emigrate to the UK, they just want to regain their own land.

And lastly I do believe in freedom of speech and that includes for the BNP.

As I have said before on this website, but perhaps you didn’t notice, the BNP have the right to hold their meetings at private venues of their choice. Equally I have the right to demonstrate against them.

I do not support the use of violence, except in self defence, and played no part in the organization of the demonstration in Leigh or the violence that took place.

But nevertheless just like New Labour the BNP have launched an avalanche of lies, smears and threats against me.

Lanky Patriot said...

Peter Franzen,

I take your point about Israel and can understand Palestinian anger. However Israel exists now and you can not turn the clock back to 1948, and many Jews have been persecuted in Arab lands.
I know more than many about the situation as I had a Syrian muslim staying with me at the time of the 6 day war (how's that for a racist?) and was given a view of things from their side and with which I sympathise.
Israel should return to its 1967 borders and the Arabs must accept that.
This whole sad conflict just shows people of different traditions can not live in peace and that is why I support the BNP and oppose immigration as we are building up the same problems here.

At present the muslims are a greater danger to us than Israel. We have not been bombed by Jews.
That said we should keep our nose out of the Middle East. It is not our business.

Lanky Patriot said...

Sorry Peter I forgot.
No one from the BNP has threatened you.
If you have evidence to the contrary present it and we will follow it up.