Saturday, 18 April 2009


Andy Burnham's visit to Abraham Guest School is all very good but will the school programme gain any jobs for school leavers?
As the Minister for Arts and Culture I suppose it is his job to promote the "creative arts" which are mainly "soft" subjects like "media studies", "drama" and "dance"but---

How many jobs will these type of subjects provide?

How much wealth will these courses create?

I'm not knocking the arts but I think far too much emphasis is put on these subjects to the detriment of subjects like science engineering and languages, which are the only way our country will escape its slow decline.
Also needed are trade apprenticeships for plumbers electricians and fitters etc.
The countries of the Far East with whom we are competing and losing concentrate on these sorts of subjects.

I suspect the reason for the promotion of the arty subjects is part of the government agenda to show that total passes at A* are going up and making their destroyed education system look good. After gaining high marks the kids can go to university to get a top degree in a non subject, and come out with thousands of pounds of debt and straight on to the dole queue.

That is not the answer to our problems. Jobs must be created by lowering taxes on manufacturing industry so that well trained school leavers have jobs to go to.

But a degree in Drama or Dance would not be much use to an employer and thus a waste of time and money.

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