Friday, 17 April 2009


The censorship of the comments section of the Wigan Evening Post is becoming ever more severe.
Any slight deviation from the politically correct point of view is removed swiftly.

This section is the only interesting part of the paper providing a forum for the diverse views of the people. However this extreme censorship is reducing the value and interest of the forum.
Let's face it, many only log on for the forum as there is little news in the rag and what there is badly written.

I know the paper is under pressure owing to reduced readership and its ceasing to run lucrative adverts for prostitutes (while banning BNP adverts).

Unfortunately the loss of revenue and readers creates a vicious and downward spiral which will bring the paper's inevitable demise and thus a loss of the forum.

I will therefore continue my comments on this blog where they will not be deleted and nor will those of anyone else (provided they are lawful and civil).
I shall also comment regularly on such general and local issues as I am aware of in an independant and non partisan point of view, or at least I shall try to.

Anyone will be able to take issue with me on any topic and unlike the WEP will not be censored.


Lanky Patriot said...

I'll start any comments and the reason for this blog because of my annoyance at having my comment on the WEP that drink was not the cause of the violence we are seeing in our town. The cause is soft sentences by judges which demoralises the police and discourages arrests.
The solution in my view is to bring back the birch for violent disorder.
I see no reason why the majority of law abiding citizens should be penalised for the actions of the few.
Is that statement so inflammatory?

Andrew said...

Maybe if we point out this site often enough within the comments section, then the posters will come here.

"Elliot Brown" sounds like an ethnically challenged name... Does he suffer from being so?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Apparently not, Andrew.

Bulldog - one of our local members - went to his ofice to confront him once ... seems he's a 'right on' young Englishman in his late twenties.

PS - currently writing up that entire marathon discussion writing/deleting session this past week in Wigan Today. Typing it up into easily readable form is a lot more work than I expected; certainly for a two-finger-typist. Got most of it done now though.