Thursday, 16 April 2009


The police reaction and subsequent attempt to cover up the incident of the man knocked down at the G20 protests was a disgrace as he was just walking past and in no way involved in the demonstrations.
The police use the tactic of "kettleing" to control demonstrators even though innocent bystanders are often caught up in the temporary imprisonment.

I notice this tactic was not employed in the recent muslim demonstrations near the Israeli embassy, indeed the police ran away.
They are frightened of them but are quite prepared to use the full force of the law on often innocent British people.

The woman who was assaulted by the policeman however had pushed him and although he should not have retaliated in that manner, his actions were more understandable especially since it transpires that she is a professional agitator for the "Green"party and had possibly been more involved than the camera shots have shown. She also would not have been slapped if she had been a muslim.

The howls of outrage from the media especially the BBC showed where their sympathies lie.
It seems that action must not be taken against Left wing activists because they are portrayed as "careing".

Contrast the absence of reports concerning the incident of the man having his teeth knocked out while marching to support our soldiers in Luton. The excuse given was that the march took place without permission.
So did the G20 protests.

When the police were asked why they prevented this display of support for our soldiers but allowed muslims to abuse them, the answer was that the muslims had obtained permission to demonstrate and villify our soldiers .

So the police thought it right to allow muslims to insult our soldiers but supporting them justified knocking a non violent supporter's teeth out.
We must, as Enoch Powell said be mad.

Never mind, each such incident means more votes for us.

People are getting more and more fed up with the double standards and with luck will give this anti British government a good kicking in the polls.

The sooner the better!

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Anti-gag said...

The most disturbing point here isn't the incident itself, but the fact that under new laws, which came in force recently, the person taking the pictures could have been prosecuted for filming a police officer without permission.

I bet if the camera man had been a BNP member he/she would have been arrested PDQ, and I doubt if they would ever see the camera again.

Chris Hill