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Comment1 – Thejones
Why is the race of the perpetrators shown in the article?

Comment 2 – sickofitall
Thejones. Simple, because it is only a racist attack if the perpetrators are white! Let’s see how long this stays on before the politically correct remove my reply.

Comment 3 – Thejones
My point (?concern) actually lies in the realm of fair 'equivalence'.My feelings are that it should ALWAYS be revealed or NEVER.For the record the perpetrators of this attack (which I condemn unreservedly) have not yet been charged with a 'race hate' crime so perhaps a little...premature?I have truly only just started to examine these things with a more critical eye in recent times especially with an eye on where to cast my vote in the EU elections (and NO, I have NEVER voted for the BNP and frankly, my inclination is to vote for Cameron but I'm not happy there either!).I am assuming your thesis can be proven?Ref free expression being 'moderated' away I have experience within this very journal of just such matters.Too complex to explain.I gave up with my repeated complaints to the editor.Hello by the way.

Comment 4 – Morgan
Like, for instance, neither this paper nor Peter Franzen saw fit to mention that though this wasn’t the case for all the protesters – ALL of those that attacked the four BNP members and their Landrover in Leigh three weeks ago with claw hammers (using the claw bit to hit Tony Ward in the head) and axes were Asian. ALL!

Nobody in the BNP thinks these were peaceful Hindus; and we think such a cowardly attack would be beneath the warrior Sikhs; and thinking it might have been Buddhists is beyond a joke. What Asians does that leave?

Leigh “tykes” Peter?

Also not reported was that as Tony Ward stumbled away half blinded after the attack, the attacker actually stalked him to dish out more. Only prompt action by a horrified conscientious police officer prevented a possible tragedy.

Also not reported was the action of a Leither in stepping forward to help the four men under attack.

But when two white teenage girls racially abuse an immigrant – every gory detail is reported in the press, right down to the appearance of the perpetrators.

Report all, or report none.

“Whitey did it”.

Comment 5 – C.Mather
The police seem to be taking this attack a lot more seriously than the hammer attack on a BNP member “because of his political viewpoint” perpetrated by a black man three weeks ago which could have resulted in his death.

Punching anyone in the face is to be condemned, but a few slaps bu a teenage girl hardly compares with an attack with a claw hammer. So a “crime” against an ethnic minority is more serious than attempted murder with a hammer on someone with whom you disagree?

I do not condone ANY violence to anyone but the police do not take violence against us as seriously as when it is the other way round.

I suppose it helps the police to keep up their tally of “racial” incidents and ticks a few more boxes and no doubt justify Elliot’s job. We really have sunk to the depths in this country.

Comment 6 – Thejones
C Mather

Although there is a danger of re-visiting old ground the point is it certainly sems to be related since on the occasion of the reported hammer attack I had grave concerns over the veracity of reporting essentially due to the content of some comments I felt then (and still do) to be fanciful at best. I tried to gain an accurate picture from a commentator who stated that he was there only to find that all submitted comments (including the fact they existed) removed. That episode has led to a profound scepticism about what I read. I only now exercise my eyes with this journal purely BECAUSE of the manner in which they treated a perfectly reasonable debate.

I completely digress. Apologies. However, as an increasingly interested observer I cannot escape the feeling that there is a distinct difference in how these events are reported.

I am, however, completely open to contraru evidence.

(Comment 7 – Thejones (all it said was ??? because comment 6 above had been deleted)

Comment 8 – Thejones
May one assume that no reasonable debate may be had as the hatchet is already being swung?

Comment 9 – Morgan
Hello Elliot – I see from the deletions that you got my email. Did you get the second one?

Why are you wasting your time with all these deletions? The whole lot, comments and all, will be posted on the Wigan Patriot website on Monday or Tuesday – and the deletions will make it more interesting, not less, to the general reading public. If you don’t like what we’re saying, then argue with us.

Or don’t you have any valid arguments to use? I suspect that is nearer the truth isn’t it.

Come on Elliot, climb aboard and debate.

Comment 10 – Thejones
With all due respect to whomever, would you please just state why the farce of the deletions is occurring? At least state what the boundary for the dabate IS, if nothing else.

Who is Elliot?

Comment 11 – Morgan
Well Elliot – you don’t learn do you.

Look pal – I have no social life to lead over the weekend – sad I know, but this IS my social life. And, in effect, my work. Up for a stayawakeathon?

This will be up on Wigan Patriot next week. The more you do this the more readers you will send to us.

Comment 12 – Morgan

Elliot id Elliot Brown, Wigan and Leigh Hate Crime Co-ordinator.


He introduced himself to us on these pages a year or so ago. Wonder if his literacy has improved since then?

I think you now have some idea of what all the deletions are about.

Interesting is the fact that after Comment 5 by C. Mather, I emailed Elliot Brown (twice) to let him know this debate was opening up. I supposed that as this was his job, he would involve himself in this debate.

But all that happened was that the deletions started.

I will post the complete story, with screengrabs, early next week.


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