Saturday, 11 April 2009


We attended a productive meeting today in Carlisle under the chairmanship of NW organiser Clive Jefferson where we discussed countering the smears and dirty tricks of the hostile media.

It was good to chat with our Euro candidates again and especially to congratulate Derek Adams on his stunning 23% vote in the Moston by election and beating the Tories in their third most winnable seat in Manchester, or so they thought.

Advice was given on canvassing and presentation together with the best way to set up paper sales, as well as leafletting.

I took delivery of an additional 80,000 leaflets on Thursday and Manchester had also a large delivery.
We now have to get them out, a lot of work but we are up for it.

Altogether a very useful meeting regarding our election effort, further details of which must remain unsaid at present for obvious reasons.

Harriet Harmon says people are not aware of the impending Euro elections.

They are in the North West and they know which way they are going to vote and according to reports it is not for her party.

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