Friday, 10 April 2009


A packed room greeted Tony Ward when he returned to Leigh last night to give an account of the incident when he was attacked by Leftist thugs on the night of the roadshow.

It was not Tony's first visit to Leigh since the vicious claw hammer attack which he was lucky to survive. One inch higher and he would have been killed. He was lucky to get away as ,blinded by blood he was groping his way along a wall when he was saved by a friend from the attacker who was following him with an axe and waiting until he was out of range of CCTV cameras.
In spite of all this and bearing the scars of his injuries he came back the next day and visited the town centre pubs where the incident took place.

Gary Chadwick the Leigh group leader apologised for the incident and said that the thugs did not represent "Leythers" . Tony explained that his attackers were not from Leigh as indicated by their accents and he had no intention of allowing these outsiders to prevent him from going to Leigh.

The police with one exception were generally incompetent and lost much forensic evidence but he still has some tricks up his sleeve.
Tony also asked if anyone knew the local man who waded in to save him and without whom he would have been even more severely injured, as he would like to thank him.

A heartfelt round of applause went round the ninety or so people at the meeting.

Gary spoke of the run in with the local Labour councillor Whiteside earlier in the week ,over the plans to build a road through the" Marsh playing fields". When he identified himself as a BNP member she had a hissy fit and started ranting about NAZIs and Fascists, a disgraceful scene witnessed by many at last night's meeting.
Gary is taking advice about possible legal action for defamation of character.

Mrs Whiteside however refused to answer Gary's questions much to the amusement of the audience. The episode will do our cause no harm at all and we will use it to demonstrate that WE represent the grass roots opinion and not the Labour hierarchy
We then discussed our plans for the Euro elections but I'm not going into details here for obvious reasons.

Andrew Tierney gave us a smile with his pictures of the "Truth Truck" in the mayors parking spot outside Wigan Town Hall. He had driven round Wigan twice and had a very positive response with people giving the "thumbs up" and blowing their horns. It is becoming a valuable publicity tool.

All in all the best EVER meeting of the Wigan and Leigh group. People of all ages were up for it to try and get rid of this corrupt government and the other parties. There was so much anger towards them and we must harness it.

Thanks to all who contributed to our collection and bought merchandise. We took £200 which will be put to good use.

Who says the BNP are not welcome in Leigh?

If last night is anything to go by we certainly are.

P S it seems we are getting a welcome in other areas of the North West with Derek Adams taking 23% of the vote in Moston and beating the Tories, Lib Dems and Greens. These are the people who prevent us holding meetings in the Town Hall, people who poll less votes than we do.

HYPOCRITS, deny us the use of council facilities and call US undemocratic.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Yes - it was a very good meeting. Pretty well the best we've had here.

Anti-gag said...

Could you include a video clip of your main speaker please? The meeting itself sounds like a fantastic success, so once again I'd like to say a big well-done to Wigan BNP.

Chris Hill