Wednesday, 8 April 2009


We had a very good and productive meeting of North West organisers chaired by our Chairman Nick Griffin last night at a well known meeting place whth over 40 attending.
Discussions were had on our tactics for the Euro elections, and many good ideas were put forward and accepted.

Many groups and branches are already doing a lot of work which is bearing fruit.

The arrests of the suspected terrorists today will do our cause no harm and demonstrate the danger from the enemy within.
Surely by now people can see the danger of uncontrolled immigration to our country of people who wish us ill. No doubt the Government will be visiting "communities" (we know who they will be) to reassure them.

The arrests certainly do not make us feel safer and we wonder how many potential terrorists remain undetected.
They only need to succeed once but we need to succeed every time to ensure our safety.
And still they come in. How thick is this government.
But we in our party must not rest on our laurels, nor will we.
We have much work to do.

Our struggle is for the future of our country and the latest episode began last night.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

The arrests of 13 suspected terrorist* by the police last Wednesday, should be a sign to everyone that the government is taking the violent threat from Islam very seriously indeed. This is in marked contrast to the way they treat violent threats to their political opponents, or at least to their real opponents i.e. the BNP. When a violent group planned an attack on a democratic political meeting in Wigan, a few weeks ago, it appears the police (or at least the Brownie pointers at the top) actually provided information to these terrorists. Quite simply this is state hypocrisy at its most vile!

Chris Hill

*Now that's not to say that the men arrested are necessarily guilty, they like everyone else have the right to be assumed innocent until a jury finds otherwise.