Sunday, 5 April 2009


This is not a story local to Wigan, but we do all need to learn that WHEREVER Muslims are present in large numbers they will prey on the local infidel females - and as we've learned in Lancashire and Yorkshire, and Sikhs have learned in London and Slough, the younger the females the better. What was good enough for the ideal example to be emulated in all things - Mohammed - is quite good enough thank you for today's Muslims.

Then, when they are stopped from having things entirely their own way, they start rioting, looting, burning, destroying ... until you end up with bombing, as happened in London on 07/07/05.

And elsewhere since.

And this is why our elites will do nothing about it. Fear - the fear of the Dhimmi. And STILL they are importing them into our country by the millions.

This sort of thing will start happening in Wigan too once their numbers are large enough. Someone recently told me (remember, I'm not native to Wigan - I'm a Welshman) that in Lancashire Wigan was once known as "White Wigan".

Sounds good to me.


And for the Forces veterans reading this, do click on the internal link on that story, then scroll down to the photos and look at the weapons the police were/are armed with ... No.IVs

- wonderful stuff - a truly formidable weapon in well-trained hands. When I enlisted I had a personal issue of one of those. Then later came the FAL (British version known as the SLR), probably still the best combat weapon in the world.

Preferably with one of these fitted:

There's nothing quite like getting close up and personal.

Don't like this sort of news and these sorts of pictures? Get used to it because it's the future for your grandchildren if this country doesn't very quickly change its ways. And only you the voter, can make it change its ways. And you wont do that by voting LibLabCon (just realised - that's at least one thing we have in common with Peter Franzen, co-Godfather with Stephen Hall, of the Leigh Clawhammer Gang).

Remember: WHEREVER Muslims are present in large numbers.

You will note, of course, that the media reporting problem we have in this country regarding Islam is also present in India. And when it comes to stories from India, our media (and theirs) will always find a way to criticise the BJP. That's because the BJP is the nearest thing India has to our BNP. It's not strictly equivalent because it is not an Indian National Party, but rather a Hindu National Party. But it's anti-Muslim, therefore considered a legitimate target by the madia everywhere.



Sir Henry Morgan said...

Just noticed the typo at the end - but it's so appropriate I think I'll leave it there.

Madia - indeed so.

Anti-gag said...

Please Morg remove the photos, don't give uaf anything that they can twist around to make us look bad.

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...



We control this blog.

And we are decidedly NOT the people using violence. However, it must be understood by all that we will defend this country from Islam. Bugger their sensitivities.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Using the logic of what you just said - neither should our soldiers march through Luton with fixed bayonets.

Sorry - I do not agree.

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,

Yes as you say it is your blog and you do, as you suggest, have the right to post your articles uncensored, I was only questing the logic of handing UAF/Searchlight a potential (if very twisted) piece of propaganda to throw at us.

It was a request, and I do of course accept that you have every right to ignore it. As you say it is your blog.

Keep well.
Chris Hill