Sunday, 5 April 2009


I learnt something interesting today about UKIP from an ex member who had seen the light and who is now a committed BNP member.
A UKIP member can be a member of any other party provided that it is not the BNP.

This means presumably they can be members of Respect or an Irish Republican party and still be a member of UKIP.
Not very independant it seems nor very UK.

They certainly can be and many are members of the Tory Party.
Now this raises an interesting problem.
A Tory Party member can not be a member of any other party but a UKIP man can be a Tory member.
So, a bit of a contradiction here I think. Tory party members members of
UKIP even though it is against Tory Party rules.
They (the Tories) know this of course, and so do UKIP.
This double speak shows UKIP for what it is, a vehicle to prevent or dissuade disgruntled or patriotic Tories(they do exist) from supporting and voting BNP.

It just goes to show the lengths to which the other parties will go to cheat and sabotage the electorate.
Put up another party to deflect the justified anger of the voters away from the one party committed to solving the country's problems, the BNP and -- problem solved. They keep their sleazy noses in the trough and the people are hoodwinked into believing they have democracy.

Although this is only one of their more obvious methods people are seeing through it as is reflected in the derisory votes UKIP gets in local elections and the low esteem in which their leader d***head Farage is held.

So, for all those who do not already know--
A UKIP vote is a Tory vote!

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Andrew said...

A ukip vote is a tory vote is a pro-eU vote.

Oh the irony.