Monday, 6 April 2009


Well well I'm flattered! Searchlies and Lancaster uaf are to distribute 50,000 newspapers in Wigan in the run up to the Euro elections. It seems my modest efforts to keep the British cause alive in Wigan is bearing fruit, and tempting the worms out of their holes.

I'm quite prepared to give their web site a plug. Google Lancaster UAF or Searchlight (as they call themselves) and see what they have to say.
I doubt if they will reciprocate.

This group subsidised by the Tories, Labour Lib Dems etc really sets out their stall.

Go to their site and see their policies on how to solve the problem of unemployment, debt, the loss of house and home,loss of manufacturing industry, foreign wars etc. See what they have to say about the most important issues of our time.

You will readily see they have NO policies on any important matter. Their only aim is to stop the relentless progress of the BNP.
Why is that? you ask. Because they are subsidised by government and the other parties. They are not interested about the future of your job, your security or your children's future.
They only campaign to stop us and ensure their paymasters keep their snouts in the trough.

Now go to our web site at and see our comprehensive programme of measures to restore the fortunes of our country.

The people of Wigan and Leigh will not readily fall for this group, totally bereft of policies. They are too level headed, having been brought up to respect the sacrifices of former generations to be conned by this destructive group.

We believe in straight talking and "calling a spade a spade" as was shown in the last Euro elections when the BNP vote in Wigan was the highest in the North West, and if it had been replicated across the region would have ensured our presence in Brussels.

We are much stronger now. We want to rule ourselves and not be dictated to by faceless Euro bureaucrats,--and even less be influenced by the anti British destroyers of Searchlies, a bunch of deadlegs and ignorant students who do not know the meaning of honest work.

They will have their work cut out to stop us!


Andrew said...

I wonder if my local newspaper shop requires a paperboy?


Anti-gag said...

Dear Andrew,

Be careful, you'll be thrown out of the SWP if you're found to have applied for a job. Especially one where you had to get up in the mornings.

Chris Hill