Tuesday, 10 March 2009


The sight of muslim protesters against the Anglian Regiment in Luton today made me feel sick.
Why do we allow these anti British scum to be here and even more why do we allow them to insult our brave soldiers.

These soldiers did not even want to be in their God forsaken countries but on their return should have been shown respect.
If it had been a BNP rally there would have been more arrests but the state is frightened of these muslims. No doubt the authorities will be visiting muslim "communities" to reassure them.

If they don't support us they should be rounded up and immediately deported.
On second thoughts they should be deported for being ugly, but Boris wants an amnesty for people such as these.
Never mind every such demonstration means more votes for us,the BNP the only party prepared to rid our country of this infection.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

There's a good youtube video of this demo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_ygCc9qlWM&eurl ) that you could embed in this article. It is clear when you view it that even the most passive members of the public were incensed by the disgraceful demonstration. Unfortunatly, although I agree that this type of madness shows that only the BNP has the policies to save Britain from the Islamic threat, we are simply not in a position to offer most people the chance to vote for us. The party hasn't got the structure, or membership numbers, to stand in any more than a small proportion of seats come a general election. While new groups are starting up across the country, an equal number of already established groups are folding due to lack of support and incompetence from our National leadership.

To put it simply our time has come, and we are not ready!

Chris Hill

Lanky Patriot said...

Yes I know Chris we have not enough activists to promote our message to the best advantage but we are growing all the time. People are frightened to come out for us because of persecution at work etc.
Yes we know we need a better structure and we are working on it but it takes finance and dedication.
We will be discussing this next month.
Believe me these thing are being sorted out and after the euros we will be in a stronger position. But it takes time, money and dedication.
We are much stronger than 2 years ago but still have obsticles thrown at us.
We WILL succeed.
We are fortunate that the powere against us , while they can hinder us a bit ar inefficient and therefore can be sidetracked.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Charles,

As you know I don't have your faith in the leadrship, but I pray you're right and I'm wrong.

Chris Hill