Wednesday, 11 March 2009


The campaign to encourage shopping in Wigan is very laudable, but one has to ask why Wigan and other towns are dying leaving their centres a rotting core.

Can these town hall idiots not see what is causing it. High rents in the speculative buildings in the town centre encouraged by the economically illiterate Labour government and their Labour party poodles in Wigan are the cause.The reason why the town centre shops do not pay is high business taxes and rents that town centre shops have to pay.

20 years ago the rent on a small stall in the market hall was £14,000 per year and no doubt they are now more. On top of that they had business rates.

They just can't compete.The answer? Quite simple scrap business rates for town centre shops,reduce rents and car park charges for the town centre. Then we would have a thriving town centre, easily reached by public transport.

How to recoup the money thus lost? Double the taxes on out of town supermarkets.They make vast profits at the expense of town centre shops. But then they are big donors to the Labour Party, so don't hold your breath.

The fault lies solely with the planners and the idiots such as "Lord" bl***y Smith who have not the brains to see the cause.

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