Monday, 9 March 2009


Sorry for the absence of a blog these last few days. It's not that there is nothing worth commenting on only that I've been busy with e mails and phone calls sorting out the" Battle For Britain" roadshow.
That I've been busy is an indication of the interest shown and we will have a good turnout to what promises to be a very enjoyable event.
Tomorrow's job is to sort out the catering arrangements, but all's going well so far.

On a different topic the news of renewed murder in Northern Ireland shows the false hopes of "The Peace Process" and the folly of granting the anti British murderer Ted Kennedy a knighthood.
Now he really is odious.

The only reason the troubles settled down a bit was 9/11 when the Americans found out what terrorism was about and stopped subsidising the IRA.
Hopefully these murderous idiots will not be as well funded as before and they can be tracked down.
Power may for a time come out of the barrel of a gun but democracy certainly does not.

The latter is also not a belief followed by the fascists who stopped our Roadshow down South by intimidating the landlord (and police).
That will not be the case with our "do", we will go ahead whatever they say, that is if the anti democrats know where it is.

We are just as entitled to have our gatherings as anyone and more so than those who seek to stop others.

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Sir Henry Morgan said...

I've had a post writen (and saved)and ready to go up for a couple of days but I didn't want to push Roadshow news away from top spot.

What I was going to post is bad stuff about the Labour Party ... so it'll be current no matter when I post it.