Thursday, 19 March 2009


This is a letter I sent to the Liverpool diocese last week in view of the prohibition of members of the clergy from being BNP members.

The attack on us today proves to me I did the right thing.

Dear Sir,

I object to your banning of the clergy being members of the BNP, a perfectly legitimate party.
My family have been associated with the Church of England for hundreds of years, indeed a direct ancestor signed the original contract for the building of Billinge Church.

I was brought up to love the Church and all it stood for. I love the building and the sense of continuity it embodies.
Previously the Church stood up for Christianity, rather than water down its principles and in some cases abandon them to accommodate Islam, a faith bent on destroying Christianity and taking over our country. I was taught at the local C of E school about the aggressive nature of Islam and events of recent years have done nothing to disabuse me of that opinion.

I feel it is the church's job to stand firm and protect our society. Yes ,I know the parable of "The good Samaritan" but that does not advocate allowing one's enemies taking over and destroying one's faith and country.
I know of many active and passive members of the church who feel the same way. Perhaps that is why church attendees are diminishing.
I have always contributed to Billinge Church and am no raving "nazi", but I love my country, its traditions and Christian culture with which I was brought up and whose destruction I did not sanction.

That is why I am in the BNP, the only group standing up for Christian and British values. It is also why I have changed my will and bequeathed the sum, formerly allocated to the Church to the BNP.

I know I need not write this letter and it is not done in an intimidatory way but I feel I must in order to make you aware of the sadness I feel at the Church's betrayal of all I thought it stood for.


Anti-gag said...

Video of part of a speech by Shahid Malik MP, everyone should see at:

We really are mad!

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

It's a very good letter and sums up a lot of how I feel about the Church. But I have to say I do hope that the party has to wait a very very long time before benefiting from your money.

Chris Hill

Lanky Patriot said...

Thanks for those kind words Chris.