Thursday, 19 March 2009


This previously suppressed speech by a "moderate" muslim MP shows the danger we are in.
The government lavishes money and "consults" "communities" to make sure they are not offended when a new terrorist outrage occurs here.
They do not want muslims to feel persecuted or offended. Have you ever noticed they never consult Hindu or Chinese communities, let alone English communities..

THEY ARE APPEASERS and the muslims rightly see them as weak.

The Tories are no better and try to hoover the muslim vote by promoting such nonentities as "Baroness" Warsi to the House of Lords.
What right has this young woman to "lord" it over us? Her only claim to fame is that she is a woman from an ethnic minority and muslim and thus ticks all the boxes. Admittedly she does not wear a sack over her head, possibly so that she can be portrayed as moderate.

How many English people more experienced and intelligent are there than her? Hundreds of thousands, but they don't count.

This political correctness by both major parties in a vain effort to attract the ethnic vote is a "Trojan Horse" and the quicker the British people wake up to it the better.

However it might not be totally to their advantage as Afros, Chinese and Hindus are also aware of the danger of radical islam as is shown by disputes all over the world.

No other religion or country has expressed the intention of bending the rest of the world to their way.
In this we are all together as islam is a threat to the rest of humanity as shown by the video.


Anti-gag said...

Dear Charles,

Embed this video, it's a very simple process and will enhance the blog greatly. If you have any problems call me on 01524-64307 or 07870726820 and I'll talk you through it(5 mins max believe me).

Or I can do you it as a '.wmv'file which you can download straight on to the blog.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

Readers should now watch this video to see how this islamic domination of, not only Western Europe, but the world will be achieved.

Remember Mr Malik words when watching: "Soon the whole parliament will be muslim":

Chris Hill