Sunday, 1 February 2009


"Concerns about the REC [Racial Equality Council] first came to light in September of last year when Stoke Council, which has 9 BNP councillors, raised the matter of the lack of audited accounts. It was the BNP’s councillor group leader Alby Walker who initially pressed for an investigation into the affair.

A team of officers examined the REC’s books and earlier this month the council told the trustees that the charity would not be able to continue.

The REC’s senior officer, director Vince Simpson, was apparently unavailable for comment. "

In Stoke, the cleanup started when they elected nine BNP councillors.

Want to start a cleanup of this borough? Want to know exactly what goes on? Want people in there digging away to find out where the money goes and what is done with it when it gets there? If you want change ...

Then you know exactly what to do.


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