Saturday, 31 January 2009


At last the people are turning. The demonstrations at the Total refinery together with the ones all over the country show a people fed up with being ignored and treated like second class citizens in their own country.

The anger has been simmering for months if not years but has been kept under by the fear of being labelled "racist" a mindset promoted by the government and media as a way of control. The tinder was dry and it only needed the spark of resentment of those with little to lose for it to burst into flames.

The rapid nationwide spread of sympathy strikes shows the depth of feeling, as the strikers are losing pay when shivering on the gates(unlike Gordon and co).
Many people have spoken to me of being denied jobs in the North West while foreigners were taken on.
This is not to blame the foreign workers but the greedy bastards who took them on and the incompetent traitors in government who have sold out our country, industry and people.

The timing of the strikes (coincidental I think) could not be better. Gordon Brown telling the world how he will save them and his own country erupts.
He says laws must be obeyed and there is not much he can do. Then why did he steal our slogan "British jobs for British workers"?
He knew it would strike a chord with British workers and the BNP was gaining strength in spite of his worst efforts.

The truth is Labour gave up our sovereignty to Europe and he knew this at the time he made the statement. He thought nobody would notice his betrayal and he could continue to flood the country with immigrants while continuing to persecute us until our cause was lost.

Mandelson says he has sympathy with the workers and says "he feels their pain", yes I bet he does! He is the man who has no trouble with people being "filthy rich"

Cameron and his Tories only berate him for in their words using "a BNP slogan". No sympathy there then.
The unions do nothing as usual apart from blaming us for hi jacking the protest.
NO, GORDON HIJACKED OUR SLOGAN AND THE WORKERS ARE USING IT, thus publicising us and gaining support for us as is shown in the comments sections of the papers, and those with their snouts in the troughs don't like it.





Sir Henry Morgan said...

"Mandelson says he has sympathy with the workers and says "he feels their pain", yes I bet he does!"

Aye - the way we native British people have been treated these past 11 (more like 30) years has been a pain in the arse hasn't it.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Unfurtunately I take no comfort in saying "we told you so" to those who have found themselves in this dire predicament of being dis-placed by the cheaper foreign labour. We in the BNP have seen this coming for many a year, and we have badgered on and on to get our message across and often in some very hostile territory and now "sadly" it has come to fruition!

As you say Lanky, our strength as a political party has been growing increasingly for quite some time now and it's been an absolute privilege to be a part of this team, but, we must now carry on in earnest and continue the integrity we have shown in all our past years and not drop our guard. We will continue to disect the lies of Zanu-Labour and their bullying Union allies and indeed that of the rest of the LAB/LIB/CON coalition debauchery, and that we reach out to those who now seek political sanctuary within the British National Party.

Our time is coming indeed!

And to quote a line from a favourite song of mine:

"People get ready there's a train a coming, don't need no ticket, no! Just climb on board!"