Sunday, 1 February 2009


The union bosses claim that the BNP has highjacked the protests at refineries and power stations round Britain. They claim they act in the interests of their members and British workers.

The link below shows that they were actively encouraging foreign workers to come here and helping them with language lessons.
They must have known that these workers would compete directly with their own members and a looming recession would make jobs harder to find.

If they did not see the danger of unemployment for their members they must be thick. I don't think they are. I think they are bent on the destruction of Britain, in other words traitors who betrayed the members whose union contributions keep them in the lap of luxury.

We have not hijacked anything, nor joined a bandwagon. We forecast this trouble years ago but were called extremists for saying so. We forecast a depression years ago.

The unions didn't.
The Government didn't,
The Tories didn't,
And sad to say "You aint seen nothing yet".

Although in these hard times it seems wrong to say "We told you so", it will perhaps show that we have better answers than the others.

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