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These are extracts from a speech given by Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance (not the same as the Libertarian Party) to ‘Conservative Future’. He is no nationalist, and indeed, does not like us very much at all. However, as a genuine Libertarian he defends us. And just because he’s not a nationalist doesn’t mean there isn’t anything we can learn from him. He says a great deal that is just plain good common sense - mixed in with the things he says that we don’t like. It’s not all or nothing – you can cherry-pick the bits you like and think are useful to us. You will see that even the Marxists know and say things we can learn from.

He posts new articles once or twice every month and I read them all. Even when I disagree with him I can see where he’s bringing his arguments from; and he does make you think, which is never a bad thing. We don’t know it all, and we shouldn’t refuse to read stuff just because it’s not a nationalist saying it.

This is his website, and I recommend that everyone reads what he says

This text is extracted from Commentary 181 (look down the sidebar on the left-hand side of the page). Look through the sidebar, click on any of the articles that catch your attention. There are 181 to choose from. Much of the advice he gives is good for nationalists too.

My first piece of advice is to understand the nature of your enemy. If you come into government, you will be in at least the same position as Ramsay MacDonald, when he formed the first Labour Government in the 1920s. He faced an Establishment that was broadly conservative. The administration, the media, the universities, big business - all were hostile to what it was believed he wanted to do. The first Labour Governments were in office, but not fully in power, as they were not accepted by the people with whom and through whom they had to rule the country. To a lesser degree, Clement Attlee and Harold Wilson faced the same constraints. …

Over the past few generations, a new Establishment or ruling class has emerged in this country. It is a loose coalition of politicians, bureaucrats, educators, media people and associated business interests. These are people who derive income and status from an enlarged and activist state. They have been turning this country into a soft-totalitarian police state. They are not always friendly to a Labour Government. But their natural political home is the Labour Party. …

The Thatcher Government set out to fight and defeat an earlier and less confident version of the Establishment - but only on those fronts where its policies were most resisted. It won numerous battles, but, we can now see, it lost the war. For example, I well remember the battle over abolition of the Greater London Council. This appeared at the time a success. But I am not aware of one bureaucrat who lost his job at the GLC who was not at once re-employed by one of the London Boroughs or by some other agency of the State. And we know that Ken Livingstone was eventually restored to power in London.

If you want to win the battle for this country, you need to take advice from the Marxists. These are people whose ends were evil where not impossible. But they were experts in the means to their ends. They knew more than we have ever thought about the seizure and retention of power. I therefore say this to you. If you ever do come to power, and if you want to bring about the irreversible transfer of power to ordinary people, you should take to heart what Marx said in 1871, after the failure of the Paris Commune: “the next attempt of the French Revolution will be no longer, as before, to transfer the bureaucratic-military machine from one hand to another, but to smash it, and this is the precondition for every real people’s revolution”.

The meaning of this is that you should not try to work with the Establishment. You should not try to jolly it along. You should not try fighting it on narrow fronts. You must regard it as the enemy, and you must smash it.

On the first day of your government, you should close down the BBC. You should take it off air. You should disclaim its copyrights. You should throw all its staff into the street. You should not try to privatise the BBC. This would simply be to transfer the voice of your enemy from the public to the private sector, where it might be more effective in its opposition. You must shut it down - and shut it down at once. You should do the same with much of the administration. The Foreign Office, much of the Home Office, the Commission for Racial Equality, anything to do with health and safety and planning and child protection - I mean much of the public sector - these should be shut down. If at the end of your first month in power, you have not shut down half of the State, you are failing. If you have shut down half the State, you have made a step in the right direction, and are ready for still further cuts.

Let me emphasise that the purpose of these cuts would not be to save money for the taxpayers or lift an immense weight of bureaucracy from their backs - though they would do this. The purpose is to destroy the Establishment before it can destroy you. You must tear up the web of power and personal connections that make these people effective as an opposition to radical change. If you do this, you will face no more clamour than if you moved slowly and half-heartedly. Again, I remember [the] campaign against the Thatcher "cuts". There were no cuts, except in the rate of growth of state spending. You would never have thought this from the the torrent of protests that rolled in from the Establishment and its clients. And so my advice is to go ahead and make real cuts - and be prepared to set the police on anyone who dares riot against you.

[ … ]

Following from this, however, I advise you to leave large areas of the welfare state alone. It is regrettable, but most people in this country do like the idea of healthcare free at the point of use, and of free education, and of pensions and unemployment benefit. …

Go read it all. Particularly note how it’s brought to an end – something we in the BNP are all too familiar with. Seems you don’t have to be BNP to be a “Fascist” – you just have to have views at variance with the Leftard Nufascists. They try to shut you up whenever they realize that you know how to beat them, and want you to stop telling everyone else. What do you think the “No platform” policy is all about?

That is something we DO know all about, isn’t it.

And here are a couple of bits that he left out – when you shut these departments down, you must immediately get on with shredding and incinerating all their databases, contacts and personnel files – everything, the lot. Otherwise they will just have a foundation to carry on where they left off if ever they again get themselves in a position to access all that information. Just a thought. Shred it – incinerate it.

And the ABSOLUTE FIRST two things the incoming BNP government must do before even all that: Secede from the EU and all previously signed treaties. No negotiations, no discussions – just push a one-paragraph bill through Parliament. Will only take a few hours. And order our armed forces returned home immediately from wherever in the world they are (with their equipment). We just may need them to defend our borders from a now-hostile EU, and we will certainly need our navy to defend the integrity of our territorial waters from foreign fish-looters backed by foreign navies.

Then get on with the above.

Sean Gabb – recommended reading. Even for nationalists.


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