Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I see from the Evening Post that there are now 500 asylum seekers in Wigan speaking 50 languages, many from countries where there is no risk of perseqution.

The independant Wigan Refugee and Migrant Forum (WARM) (who pays for them?) states that there is a lack of cultural awareness in the local population and evidence of "far right" (that's us folks) in the area.
Why should we have cultural awareness? Why should we welcome these uninvited guests?

Who decided that they should come here? We certainly did not.
They say they want the poor housing conditions of these immigrants to be addressed. What about Wiganers who can not get a house?

They want "hate crimes" to be reported however trivial. More work for Elliot then.
They say we need them as our population is ageing. Do they not have children or will they not?
They say the immigrants will go back home after working here. Pull the other one, most of them do not work now

We don't need them nor want them. We have plenty of unemployed people to look after our old people and to pay them well if they got rid of the parasitic bureaucracy in Wigan Metro (that's people like you Elliot).

We have no wish to be enriched nor vibrant. We want our true Wigan spirit of honest hard working Lancastrians. We have not voted for this invasion.
I note there was no comments section after this article. I wonder why?

Far right in this area? "You aint seen nothing yet"

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Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Hi Lanky,

By leaving the comments section muted on this particular story only enforces peoples opinions that they are now living in an oppressed and "orwellian" era. By taking this stance the paper just put's more frustrated Wiganers and Leythers in our direction.

So, the editors of this rag are between a rock and a hard place either way on deciding to allow comments or not, but, it's a win win situation for us and the BNP in general.

And only a fool can see it any other way.....saying that.......the article was written by Mr Bean???