Thursday, 26 February 2009


Surprise surprise,the teenage pregnancy rate has gone up in spite of efforts to reduce it. Social workers say more sex education is the asnwer.

When I was at school until the age of 18 there was no sex education and no contraceptive pill or abortion.
There was not one pupil who became pregnant. Why? Because it did not pay.

In those days our hormones were just as strong as they are now but the girls were told that they would be in BIG trouble if they became pregnant and we boys would have been responsible for any pregnancies.

This is how people behave. If something pays they will do it. That's why free enterprise pays. If fraud pays that's why it is perpetrated and why the banking system has bankrupted the country. It paid to be greedy.
Crime is on the increase because the penalties are too weak ie crime pays.

Immigrants come here instead of remaining in France because it pays.
Employers take on immigrants at the expense of local people because it pays.
Some things do not pay so we don't do them.
I don't drink and drive because to lose my licence does not pay. When there was no risk I did.
The other parties demonise us because their cosy cabal pays them and we are a threat.

The newspapers villify us and will not accept our adverts because of pressure from the authorities make it financially bad for them to do so. They say it is on ethical grounds but still accept adverts for prostitutes because these bring in revenue ie pay.

Tony Blair took us in his illegal wars to cosy up to America so that he could make money there in speeches.

People will always respond willingly to incentives.
Fascists such as this government believe coercion will work. It may do for a bit but human nature will always in the end prevail.
So the answer to all our woes is to incentivise people to do the right thing by the community.

Make single pregnancy a thing to be feared.
Give stiff and deterrant sentences to criminals (especially violent thugs and fraudulent people such as bankers).
Stop benefits for supposedly asylum seekers.
Heavy fines for employers who take them on.
etc etc I could go on and on.

The only way to rebuild this broken and increasingly alien society is to reward the hard workers who put so much in and keep themselves out of trouble and penalise heavily these antisocial people who are destroying us.
It's not hard and most would end up with a higher standard of living instead of being dragged down paying out for those who always take out of society.

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