Thursday, 15 January 2009


What's all this about? What is the purpose of the position advertised below?.

What are the services? Who thought this post necessary? Who decided the salary?
Was it Mrs Redfern our Chief Executive (on £ 195,000 per year)?
I know of firms in the area who have had to shed office and shopfloor staff to compete and stay in business but the Metro shows no sign of reducing the number of jobsworths living off our backs. They are not in the real world. All this person will do is talk. No actual work will be done.
One of the causes of the economic downturn is the high rate of business taxation and rates which makes it often hard to compete.
No doubt they will be saying that in order to keep council taxes down services must be cut.
Well cut these unproductive positions and stop creating new posts.
We need to reduce taxation if we are ever to get out of the mess this government has landed us in.
To advertise such a position is a kick in the teeth for people who are losing their jobs and finding it difficult to make ends meet let alone pay their council taxes .
And lastly,
Why have our esteemed councillors not queried this waste?

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Anti-gag said...

Hi Caharles,

You said:
Why have our esteemed councillors not queried this waste?

I say:
Because they don't want to rock the gravy train. (sorry for the mixed metaphor)

Chris Hill