Wednesday, 14 January 2009


An interesting front page from the VoF in 2005 when the present economic meltdown was predicted by Nick Griffin.

It is interesting that the crisis was not predicted by any of the other parties nor the "experts" in the banking system.
How can people vote for these incompetents (or liars) to run our country?

The talk is that no one could have forseen the disaster but Nick obviously did over 2 years before the Northern Rock debacle.
He has a skill that the others lack forecasting events before they happen. It's not much use after.

The other parties are to coin a phrase "not fit for purpose" and at last people are beginning to realise this, hence our rapidly increasing membership and support.

Soon we will begin to rout these political pygmies and regain our country and revitalise our financial and manufacturing industries, but they will react to defend their lucrative jobs at our expense, and thus today we see their alarm at finding two of our members in the immigration service. They find this horrific but don't complain when illegal immigrants are working in the same organisation facilitating the admission of their foreign friends to our country.

All publicity is good publicity but expect some real venom as the EU elections approach and we become even stronger.

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