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I have quite shamelessly lifted this post word for word from a Libertarian's blog:

There isn't a word in it that I can disagree with. Strangely enough, I find it a perfect match for Charles's post immediately preceding this. Read it all - I suspect none of you will have any disagreements with it either:

Something odd is happening.

Following on the heels of the lie that state schools are
producing better results than public schools, Ed. ‘So What’ Balls has declared that poverty and so-called ‘disadvantage’ is no bar to academic success.

That’s true, as it happens, but why is he saying it now? After more than a decade of excuses for lousy teaching, dumbing down of exams, children applying to university with results the university know full well mean nothing, universities having to teach basic spelling and grammar because the schools didn’t bother, claims by Righteous all over the press and the internet that only rich kids succeed (led by the proclamations of the Toynbee), even Tom Harris being shouted down on his own blog for mentioning that perhaps some kids might be brighter than others and it might not all be down to money…

Now we have the Monster for Re-education himself, the man who wanted to remove any actual learning from school and replace it with touchy-feely subjects that naturally don’t include any actual touching or feeling because that would be bullying and sexual assault, declaring that schools are just making excuses for poor performance.

Well of course they are, you goggle-eyed cretin. We’ve been screaming it for years. Universities have told you. Some of the few remaining sensible teachers have told you. The legions of Burberry-clad drones you’ve produced could have told you, if they had left school with the ability to articulate. We know the schools are in a mess. Everyone knows. We also know who caused it. You, Balls, you flappy-eyelidded bloated buffoon. You and your Righteous warriors of equality and political correctness. You did it. Have you really only just realised?

Every time anyone mentions the idiocy that goes on in our schools, we are met with Righteous declarations of ‘Elitist Nazi racist BNP right-wing Tory bully-boy’ and told that every instance we highlight, every single one, is just an urban legend blown out of proportion by the media. Every time someone points out that differences in achievement might have more to do with differences in intelligence rather than social class, we are shouted down. Examples are held up of schools in ‘disadvantaged’ areas that perform poorly.

Well of course they perform poorly. Bouncy Balls has just admitted the reason. They can get more money by claiming to be full of poor disadvantaged thickos than by actually doing their jobs and teaching these kids some real knowledge. It’s profitable to have a high proportion of failure. It’s profitable to have a load of special needs kids, whether they really are or not. It’s profitable for the school and it’s profitable for the Righteous pretend charities that create and sustain the illusion that a huge percentage of the population has a vaguely-defined disorder or two.

This whole administration has been built on excuses, lies, dependency and benefits. All of it. The Incredible Blinking Man has apparently managed to keep his eyes open long enough to realise that it can’t work. Now the money’s run out, it can’t work. There is no endless stream of benefits. There is no more credit. There’s nobody to pay all the tax the Gorgon needs to sustain his vast army of State employees, especially when they retire.

For the last decade, schools have turned out people who will never find this or any other website because they can’t spell it. They can’t read books because books are full of correctly-spelled words they don’t recognise. They have no real skills, they have GCSE’s in administration and social work. They have been told that they are too good for menial but essential jobs, even when they aren’t. They have been told to expect nothing but the best, no life but the good life, and those evil middle class taxpayers will fund it all.

Thousands of those middle class taxpayers are now out of work. They aren’t paying tax any more. Raising taxes on the rest will put them out of work or out of the country. People are not buying stuff because they can’t afford to. Production and imports are falling because there is no market for the stuff here any more.

So now, somewhere in the dim recesses of the hive-mind of socialism, a lone neuron has realised that in order to make money, the country has to produce something. In order to do that, it needs people capable of producing something. The potential in all those schoolkids can only be realised if they are actually taught to use whatever abilities they are born with, and to stop expecting to have everything handed to them while they laze about in front of the TV with the Argos catalogue.

Too late, Blinky. You can’t fix this in time. You have a generation of worthless, self-important Entitled now and most of them will pass those attitudes on to their children. It will take at least a decade before any change is noticed, even if you make those changes right now. It will take at least two or three generations to undo the mess you’ve made.

He’s not the only one. The Ginger Midget has declared that
the country’s immigration controls are a shambles. Yes they are, Bleary, and your Righteous drones have shouted down anyone who’s said that for years.

And Bananaman has stated that the war on terror isn’t working. You mindless oaf, Milkybar. Your government used it to set up cameras, ID cards, pseudoplods who don’t know the law, airports where you have to strip almost naked to get through security, photographers and trainspotters arrested as terrorists, and an opposition MP raided without a warrant. You used it to fine people for overfilled bins and against another country's banks. Now you admit it was all a sham? Too late.

You know the only gleam of hope in all this? They already sound like they’re in opposition.

I hope they’re practicing for the inevitable.Of course, it could all be a distraction
so we won't notice this.

I've got nothing to add to that just now.



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