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This is a long read, but recommended if you want to know what's going on in the Western world ... and why.

All I'm writing here is a few extracts from the original piece (scroll down for the link, at the bottom of this post) - settle down with a cuppa and go read the original. The original is, in itself, only part 6 of a series of essays on the problems of our world. If you want to be seriously brought up to speed on current affairs then follow the links at the bottom of the original post and read the first five instalments too. Be warned, it's a lot of reading.

This post starts off with Britain and Europe, then quickly moves on to America; continue reading because problems in America are, whether we like it or not, also problems here and everywhere else. But don't worry - it gets back to here and Europe after a while.

You may be wondering what this has to do with Wigan? Do you think what happens in the rest of the world has no effects here then? Is Wigan closed in by a bubble that isolates it? And anyway, the solutions to the problems do lie partly in the hands of the people of Wigan: all you have to do is vote appropriately ... every time you vote - local, national, European. I don't think I need to spell out my idea of what constitutes an appropriate vote.

Question: What are these [recommend you follow this link and watch the film - you may have seen it before, but do give yourselves a reminder] people doing in Europe? Who invited them? Who let them in? Who let them stay? What has allowed them to even dream about moving to Europe, let alone realizing a colonization plan?
In Great Britain alone, intelligence agencies are tracking 200 terrorists plots among Pakistani Brits, of whom some 2,000 are under observation. More than 400,000 Pakistani citizens of Great Britain travel every year to Pakistan – a country of 12,000 madrassas and, as of mid-2005, 55 terrorist training camps.
Why are there a million (1) Pakistanis in Great Britain? Just what has been going on in the brains of the British ruling elites these past 40 years? What has been going on in the brains of the ruled British people?

... We know how they came and who and what let them in, but why? The stock answer is: the left, to gain new voters; the right, to get cheap labor. But it’s not the real answer, except if this be a society of madmen.

You have to be a moron, an ignoramus with no knowledge of history, religion, philosophy, social psychology, economics, geopolitics, strategy, statecraft, higher [and ipso facto Western (2)] culture not to be aware that you have seeded a future civil war, an economic calamity, a cultural wasteland, a major devaluation of social capital, a destruction of your own mother, your nation. Yet the people who have inflicted all this on us have very high IQs (3) and have all been educated at the very best universities.

Why is Christmas in Sweden greeted these days with flaming mayhem by imported Muslim barbarians, rather than with flaming glögg by Swedes? Why are there 2 millions irredeemably alien “refugees” (4) in Sweden, including 600,000 Muslims, when there are only 7 million Swedes proper?

There are answers to this too: the politicians and the mass media are foisting this madness on the people, and the people have no power and no voice. But it’s a copout: the Swedish people do have the power and the voice – they just prefer not to use them. [It's all to do with a little cross on a ballot paper - and we have that same power. Do use it wisely]

All the answers are no answers. If we looked solely at the demographic folly of the West, the resultant fraying of the social fabric, the certainty of rapidly accelerating socio-political entropy, the inevitability of future internecine violence due to the infusion of 70 million Muslims (5) and growing, with many more to issue from those – that alone would qualify as the greatest catastrophe the West has inflicted upon itself since the Assembly of Athens, swayed by Alcibiades -- a glamorous fast-mouth of a type [ ahhh - we Brits know one of those, don't we!] that entrances the demos of democracy to this day -- decided to send an enormous armada on its ill-fated mission to conquer distant Sicily in 415 BC.
For ours is not a disaster imposed from the outside, such as Hitler’s Germany inflicted on the rest of Europe, or Muslim jihad on Christendom. What we are witnessing is a voluntary self-destruction carried out by democratically elected political leaders on acquiescing populations that, largely, refuse to see The Emperor’s New Clothes even as his naked arse is at arm’s length from their faces.

To the contrary, gross, transparent lies such as “Our Strength is in Diversity, “All Whites are racists,” “Islam is a religion of peace” seem to have much traction with the general population, even though in the depth of their falsehood they equal the worst that the subjects of the Bolshevik Empire had to live under. The West has become an Orwellian tyranny of preferred lies, forcing the natural social preference for one’s own people into the same inhuman mold as the Bolsheviks applied to the natural preference for one’s family’s material wellbeing.

But that is just one of many symptoms. Why is the culture of Aristotle and Kant, Cervantes and Molière, Thomas Mann and Raymond Chandler, Mozart and Rachmaninoff, Velazquez and Bruegel, Charles Chaplin and Francis Coppola, Levi’s and Valentino now almost the exclusive province of Amy Winehouse and Rage Against the Machine, Booty Pop Panties and designer-torn jeans with rhinestone skull patches, Reality TV celebrating real repulsive imbeciles, and illiterate hoodlums with diamond-encrusted gold chains prancing on MTV ? Why are pierced eyebrows, green hair and Che Guevara the hottest fashion statement of Western man and woman?

Why is the idea of multiculturalism to not know any culture, least of all one’s own, rather than to know one’s culture plus at least one other?

Nor is the destruction demographic and cultural only. The madness of financial capitalism, of multiplying debt through reckless leverage and breeding funny money through out-of-control credit expansion, of making of consumption and borrowing rather than production and saving the holy grail of nouveau capitalism, have pushed America and capitalism itself under water. The shockwaves have swept through the West, bringing destruction in places ranging from Iceland to Bulgaria.

[Long section about America and finance]

... Hence the process we posited at the beginning of this series: the convergence and gelling of Europe and the United States as an oppressive, socialist, anti-white racist, redistributive and economically crumbling police state – Meccania. The recent disinvitation of Vlaams Belang by the American Embassy in Brussels, hours before Barack Obama’s inauguration as President, shows where Obamerica’s European sympathies will lie: with the unhinged Greens, the rioting Muslims, the Lefto-Jewhaters, and the S&M Social Dhimmicrats.

But America still has perhaps eight years to get there, while Europe’s slide down the chute of unintended consequences is already a singular spectacle. In September 2008, Geert Wilders
stated in a speech that Europe is in the final stages of Islamization, with America that will remain as the “Last Man Standing.” Wilders cited multiple European cities that are already one-quarter Muslim, with the majority of the under-18 population that’s Muslim. School curriculums have been distorted to accommodate Muslim sensibilities, and Western culture has receded before the Islamic one – from shop signs in Arabic script to sharia courts.

As per Wilders, 54 million Muslims now live in Europe and 25% of the population will be Muslim just 12 years from now. Muslims will have reached a European voting majority by the end of this century. In every European city there are plans to build super-mosques that will dwarf every church in the region. “Clearly,” said Wilders, “the rather obvious, and ominous, signal is: «here WE rule»; right 'in your face'.”

What’s thrust in Europe’s face can be seen in
these photos.
The Euro ruling elites don’t even try to disguise anymore that they deploy the immigration and naturalization of alien Muslim primitives, as a means to dilute and replace the vote of the autochthon population. “Muslim immigration is even a source of pride within ruling liberal parties,” said Wilders. “Academia, the arts, the media, trade unions, the churches, the business world, the entire political establishment have all converted to the suicidal theory of multiculturalism. So-called journalists volunteer to label any and all critics of Islamization as 'right-wing extremists' or 'racists'. The entire establishment has sided with our enemy. Leftists, liberals, Christian-Democrats [Conservatives] are now all in bed with Islam.”

Mr. Wilders is now under an indictment of a Body Snatcher Inquisition Tribunal in Amsterdam, for his “hate speech.” And one should not forget in this context the tax-funded plan to invite more than 50 million African workers into the European Union (hat tip, Tiberge), with a job recruiting center already opened in the African state of Mali. Those who speak out against it will share Geert Wilders' cell in prison or in the poorhouse.
The average European’s reaction to such goings-on ranges from evasion to incredulity. But the ruling oligarchy is no longer a part of the people.... And so, a Nicolas Sarkozy, who happens to be the President of France, would retort to the question “What on Earth are you doing?” with a proclamation – pulled at random from his most recent “gems” -- that Arabic is “the language of the future, of science and of modernity that expresses great civilizational and spiritual values."

And in Europe too, the destruction has economic dimensions. Pundits in Great Britain, Ireland and Iceland are talking about a “national bankruptcy.” As to the continent, “A great ring of EU states stretching from Eastern Europe down across Mare Nostrum to the Celtic fringe,” writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, ”are either in a 1930s depression already or soon will be. Each is a victim of ill-judged economic policies foisted upon them by elites in thrall to Europe's monetary project - either in EMU or preparing to join - and each is trapped.”

... Evans-Pritchard relays how investors are dumping their “Club Med” and Irish debt on the European Central Bank, forcing it to provide a stealth bail-out for Europe's governments. “Liabilities are being shifted quietly on to German taxpayers. What happens when Germany's hard-working citizens find out?”

He answers too. “Don't expect tremors before an earthquake - and there is no fault line of greater historic violence than the crunching plates where Latin Europe meets Teutonia.”

To translate into plain language: the contours of a European war show in Evans-Pritchard’s crystal ball. And he has not even mentioned the 54 million Muslims and 50 millions-to-be Africans in Europe. That kind of “racist” concern might have cost him his job.

... Great Britain wakes up daily to a routine of sexual perversion that may be the answered prayer of generations of under-loved and over-privileged public schoolboys in cold dormitories. For breakfast, it’s sodomized by a gang of its formerly-inferior colonials. For lunch, it enjoys a session of self-flagellation for the sins of Empire and fox-hunting. For dinner, it watches through peepholes in the MSM bordello.

In one bug-eyed vista, the Royal Family – Becks, Posh and their perfect children – eat tofu burgers and sip Evian while dressed in Armani underwear. Through the more risqué peephole, the nation thrills to an orgy of Roman proportions in London, with nine-figure Albanian investment bankers ravishing hourglass-figure Lithuanian beauties to the beat of Jamaican rap and the snap of Italian paparazzi flashes.

... The West is now a brakeless bus rolling toward the abyss. It has already crashed the economic guardrail, and it will crash the other guardrails too before the g-force of reality launches it onto a parabolic course. There is a giant legume pod, a pre-programmed robotic alien, at the steering wheel. For the passengers to survive, the first step is to recognize and observe this situation with no blinders -- to become a reality-based community again.

We have to figure out how to get off this bus, hoping that other passengers will follow.

You have stepped off the bus when you vote British National Party at every opportunity. We are the only political community in Britain that is based on REALITY. We see it as it really is, we say it as it really is, and we will deal with it as it really is. And sticking with reality, we are not going to pretend it will be easy.

Go read the entire essay, and it would be better still to read the entire series. This man has taken an enormous amount of trouble to write it in the hope of opening our eyes. The least we can do is read it.


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