Friday, 23 January 2009


Once again the BNP just missed out on winning a local by election yesterday.
The winning candidate obtained just 8 votes more than our BNP candidate.
The results are as follows,

Con 798,
BNP 790,
Lib Dem 564,
English Nationalists 128.

Congratulations to Bexley BNP.

Although it was somewhat disappointing that we were so near but did not take the seat it was heartening that our support has grown so much in recent months.

People are beginning to see through the other parties and their policies of always putting Britain and its people at the back of the queue and realising that we are the only hope of saving our country.
The three near misses in local elections in December (all less than 16 votes short) and the one success in Boston in November explain the anxiety of the other parties at our progress.

The fact that they unite to slander us and refuse debate with us shows their weakness and lack of coherent policies. They run around like headless chickens opposing us when they should be arguing amongst themselves over policies.

The three, at present major parties are supposed to be different and have different policies, but it is becoming obvious to the electorate that their only interest is continuing their cosy consensus and cushy jobs in spite of the damage they are doing to the country.

They hate us because uniquely we put the country above personal aggrandisment and are not the poodles of big business and banks.
They hate us because we are a vehicle, the only vehicle, for the people to hit back at those who have betrayed us.

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Sir Henry Morgan said...

Did you read the on-line Wigan News today?

Bit of a coincidence on timing, the way you publicised that £60K+ job advert the other day, for yet another unproductive tax-eater.

And all these near misses we've been getting recently (traitor Heath must be revving up to high speed by now): ever wonder why we don't read about them in the msm, or see them on the beeb? Simple really - they don't want people to realise that they are lying when they say that voting BNP is a waste of a vote. People would read about all these close-run things and realise that it's not a waste of a vote at all.