Wednesday, 28 January 2009


In these times of economic downturn with thousands of local people losing their jobs it seems that Wigan Metro has still not grasped the gravity of the situation.
Over the last two years the number of people "earning " over £50,000 per year has risen by 20% to 220.

The excuse given by a Metro spokesman will not do, when he says that this number includes teachers etc. Did they not employ teachers before?
In any case new posts are continually being created such as the "Carbon Footprint Officer" on £60.000 per year in addition to the "Strategic Commissioner for Wellbeing" mentioned in an earlier blog. No doubt there are many more we don't know about.

Perks of the often useless jobs are also not neglected with free parking worth £ 200,000 being given.
Wigan is said to be the 5th worst equipped "city" in the country to cope with the recession after 12 years of Labour.
Now they are setting up "training schemes" no doubt at great expense to help people back to work. What work? there is none. No jobs will be created apart from those who call themselves "trainers"

Wigan has some of the worst roads in the country which have deterred businesses from coming here, It has failed to get finance for improvements in spite of having MPs in the cabinet. What use have these three useless people been to us in spite of the £ millions they have cost us in recent years?
What has Lord Smith ever done for us?

These Westminster representitives and the Labour controlled Metro are the cause of many of our problems. They hang like weights round the necks of the wealth creators of the town.

Perhaps if they shed some of the overpaid jobsworths they now employ instead of taking on more, and paying the existing ones a more realistic salary they could cut business rates and encourage job creation.

Perhaps if they paid for their own car parking, charges in the town centre car parks could be reduced thus encouraging more shoppers to spend their money in Wigan.
Perhaps if they ceased spending vast amounts of money training people for non existant jobs and improved road communications to the town with the money saved they would create real jobs.

Perhaps if they pushed our MPs to get off their a**es, earn their excessive salaries and expenses, and get us the finance to improve our infrastructure we could have a town which could weather the storm.

But they won't. They are all on the gravy train together.



Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Another good local story and very relevant to the current economic crisis we're all experiencing as well. I agree totally with your conclusions that our political masters care more about their position on the gravy train than they do about their duty to the voters they are suppose to serve.

The one point I'd disagree with is how the parking fees should be used. Spending the money on improving public transport would allow all to access the city centre, rather than just those with cars. As I've said before more roads are not the answer, increase public transport is!

Perhaps even a policy of insisting that employees earning over £50,000 a year purchase a yearly bus pass if they live more than 3 miles from their work, and didn't cycle to work. Exception to the rule would of course have to be made for disabled employees, at least until the buses become more user friendly to them.

As for the gravy train, the best way of ensuring politicians aren't riding it is to vote for your local BNP candidate.

Chris Hill

john said...


Saturday 31st January is the day we have been promised a large march and rally will be inflicted on Liverpool with a cocktail of Left Wing and Black and Asian Self Interest Groups led by Shahid Malik MP, Searchlight, UAF, Alec El Gobo Macfadden, Idi Amin lookalike Weyman Bennett, The Black Police Association Vinnie Tomlinson, The Somali Association and many others including Little Black Sisters of The Poor under the banner of 'STOP THE BNP'

Sunday 1st February from 10pm - 2am a talk phone show run by Pete Price Talk City 105.6 telephone 0151 708 1059 txt 61025 put TALK space start message.

It is expected Gerry Gable/Nick Lowles and others will be given plenty of airtime. Has a representative from the BNP been invited to respond?

Supporters of the BNP should be encouraged to ring the Pete Price phone in, in order to have there views aired (but beware of making comment abouts Gays) Mr Price has stated in the past he is a conserative - whatever that may mean.