Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Barak Obama's win in America is obviously the start of a new era in the "States" and the world.

To my mind he was the best candidate of the two on offer. Mc Cain was offering more of the same with a more aggressive warlike foreign policy and he was tainted by the legacy of the idiot George Bush with his disasterous legacy on the financial front and his stupidity in trying to use force to sort Middle East problems. (I have to admit Sarah Palin was a bit of alright in spite of her funny views but not as Vice President)

At least Obama has a chance of portraying a new more tolerant face to America's erstwhile enemies and may do some good abroad.

His problems at home will be more difficult to solve as the expectations of the blacks will be hard to fulfil. I hope he does manage to succeed.

However in spite of what the media says the USA is anything but united. Each of the many ethnic groups has its own agenda which are in many ways irreconcilable and he will be hard pressed to satisfy them all. The thing that united them this election was to get rid of the party to which Bush belonged at any price whatever ethnic group they were.

Of course the BBC gloat that this is not a racist result. So 97% black people voting for Obama is not racial voting? Of course it is.

I don't blame the blacks for voting for a black but the media should admit it for what it is-racist voting. If it was the other way round they would be the first to moan.

I wish him well but a racially mixed society has never worked up to now. Perhaps it will this time but if he fails the consequences could be dire.

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uklad79 said...

your comments are quite disingenious. Black voters always vote democrat. 88% of blacks voted John Kerry (white) last time. It really is quite plausible that the small extra proportion tat Obama received could actually be because he was a better candidate.

This is why the bnp will never get anywhere when its members obsess over race, and espouse disingenuous and false race-obsessed views