Saturday, 8 November 2008


People may have seen in the papers or on the BNP website that the boss of Sainsburys has said that buying British food is "simplistic".
I have always noticed that Sainsbury's food adverts have for a long time promoted foreign produce and have avoided them for that reason.
During the farmers protests a few years ago against poor prices paid by the supermarkets we were treated with sympathy and courtesy by other firms. Sainsbury's depot at Haydock however had police in full riot gear with a spotter helicopter and several farmers were lucky not to be run over by a lorry driven by the manager. This was a complete over reaction against protesting farmers who neither did nor threatened violence.

Contrast this with the pussy footing by the police when controlling the anarchist mob outside the RWB in August.
I think this excessive police presence was because Lord Sainsbury was a big Labour donor.
We need a viable food industry in this overpopulated country and firms such as Sainsburys are doing their best to destroy it.
Because of the experience mentioned above I vowed never to shop at their stores again .
I have always suspected that they had a policy of purchasing foreign produce in preference to British and now it has been confirmed.
The boss says purchasing British produce is "simplistic"

I say shopping at Sainsbury's is unpatriotic and definitely simplistic as their prices are much dearer than other supermarkets.

So do your patriotic duty---BOYCOTT SAINSBURY'S, and save money at the same time.

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