Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Our two intrepid group detectives, Ken and Chris have at last solved the mystery of the elusive Elliot Brown, our local" Hate Crimes Officer".Unexpectedley they found him to be a young white man (presumably indoctrinated by political correctness so that he could land his cushy non job).
They tackled him about the scurrilous racist remarks as above which were sent to You Tube.
He reluctantly contacted the police who then contacted Ken.
The officer concerned agreed that if we had put such a racist comment on a message we would probably have been arrested, thus accepting the double standards applying in these cases. He tried to bring Nick Griffin's remarks into it but it was pointed out that Nick had been aquitted at his trial. He also mentioned my reply for some reason which is not racist in tone at all. Have a look for yourself on the link below.
He says he will get it taken off the You Tube messages.
Well done Ken!
THEY NOW KNOW WE ARE WATCHING THEM and can use the rules which were originally brought in to persecute us against them.



Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Well done to Ken and Chris and the Wigan team in getting some positive reaction regarding the 'racist' comments in that post.

But, I'm totally aghast that Wigan's Hate Crime Coordinator is indeed a white on white racist!

He must have surely scored well in the hatred of all things 'white' hetrosexual and Christian section of his application form for this council non-job position! But, you do mention he his rather young and so must have been a rather attractive prodigy of the liberal rainbow jumper wearing bigots of his teachers during his education process or failing that; he may have been dragged in off the streets and indoctrinated by the criminals at 'Common Purpose.' Either way I'm shaking with anger with Mr Elliot Brown still!!

Lanky Patriot said...

I don't see him as being "attractive" but you never know, I don't know his boss. I do see him as being immature and a low achiever at school to want to do such a non job. He can't have many brains to want to work in such a useless organisation let alone what it stands for,or was he just brainwashed. Perhaps he values the security of a recession proof job with little sress and a secure pension at the end paid for by the taxpayers.
He is one person I would be pleased to see on the dole or re deployed to do a useful job.
Give that man a shovel and set him to work.
In the meantime well done to Ken and Chris.