Tuesday, 11 November 2008


There will be an inaugural meeting of Leigh BNP next Thursday 13 th November at 8 pm.
For further details please ring me on 01744 892430.

We are hoping to build another group in Leigh which up to now has been somewhat neglected but we have information that there is a growing support in the town. We are seeking to counter the misinformation about our party put out by the media, which has it's own agenda to deprive the people of the truth.
We aim to demonstrate the way we have been denied our democratic rights and suggest ways to restore it.
Come and join us if you can!


The BNP Chronicle said...

Hi, any chance you can link www.bnp-chronicle.com, as we have for you, cheers

Anti-gag said...

Good luck with the meeting tonight.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

I have just received the latest EBNS by email, and I was very heartened to see that groups and branches are to be given credit for recruiting new member, something many of us have been asking for for years now. The idea system (at least in my opinion) would be to set a recruitment target for each group and branch (based on its size and location etc), and then give a bigger one off proportion (say 50%) of a new members first years subscription to that branch. This should apply only to new members recruited as a direct result of a group’s own local efforts.

The EBNS also mentions recruitment packs, and there waste. If groups were issued three packs for every new member recruited, that would also encourage local recruiting drives. For years I had to put information packs together myself, simply because no national recruitment pack was available for enquiries. I think a 3:1 ratio would be fair for a dedicated recruiting team, ie 3 serious enquires produce one new member.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

How did the first Leigh meeting go last night?

Could we have a report, as Wigan does seem to be the most active group in the NW at present.

Well done Wigan BNP.

Chris Hill

Some good news from Boston this morning. Our first council bi-election victory this year.

So it's also Well done Boston BNP.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Chris, the meeting was a resounding success! I am absolutely sure there will be a post coming soon. If not on this blog, then on my own blog for sure!

If anyone can help me here? But, what is the highest attendance for a first time BNP meeting in a town that hovers on the 40,000 mark?

Lanky Patriot said...

the bnp chronicle

Sorry but I'm a bit thick in computer matters.
Of course I'll be pleased to put a link to you but I'm not sure how to do so.
Perhaps you can contact me and tell me how to do it.
My phone is on the top of the blog or you could do it through the blog.
I'll be at the conference this week end so I'll probably learn there how to do it but in any case Nick and Arthur Kemp know who I am so they could point me out to you if you are there.