Monday, 10 November 2008


This month is Black history month. All I could find on the internet is the picture below.
Can someone please help. There must be more to it than this. I have made a start with some typical buildings. Will somebody fill in the rest of the history below.
We should know.


Anti-gag said...

Hi morg,

Personally I'm not sure I'd be so dismissive of the achievements of an entire race. But having said that, watching TV these days makes you think that everything that ever happened in Britain involved black or Asian people showing us the way forward.

There was one black officer (actually half white) in the British army during WW1. Last night I watched an entire program dedicated to him. If you believe the TV, he was the greatest footballer in Britain, he was the bravest man in the WW1, he overcame massive prejudice, and I'm sure they would have like to have claimed he walked on water.

This was only one officer out of 250,000 (just my guess)who fought in the British army in WW1.

Blacks and Asians have played a minuscule part in our history, and we should realise that. Now that's not because they are inferior to British people, its simply because they are not native to these islands and were not here (in anything but insignificant numbers) until a few short decades ago.

The history of these islands is a history of white people. The history of Africa is mainly a history of Black peoples, and that of Asia the history of Asian people. That's how it should be.

I want my country, and its history, back!

Chris Hill

British people still make up 91% of the UK's population (2001 census figure), why are 90% of all new reporters & presenters on TV ethnics?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I didn't actually post that Chris, but I'll make a short response.

Sub-Saharan Africa:

Never ever progressed architecturally beyond the huts pictured, of their own volition.

Never invented a written language.

Never discovered complex mathematics.

Never invented the wheel

Never progressed technologically beyond the spear.

Never built an ocean-going ship to set out and explore the world.

Could go on all night ...

Has an average IQ of 70 (here, IQ 69 is the measure of mental disability - To average 70 - half must be below that). For general civilisational advancement it's the average that's important. Hell, there used to be a gorilla, named Koko, at New York zoo that scored an IQ of 90.

There IS no black history beyond that recorded, discovered, or otherwise connected to Europeans and/or Arabs. Africans try to claim Hannibal - but Carthage was a Phoenician colony, and Hannibal was of Phoenician descent. The most formidable African there ever was was Shaka - and it was his psychopathy that led to his achievements, not his intellect.

Stats from London this year show one thing they are better at than Brits: sticking knives in people.

Lanky Patriot said...

Is there an African race? We are always told there is no such thing as a British race.
I did not say no African had done anything, just that they had no history.
I can trace my family back 400 years and some have had good positions they were not important enough to be mentioned as part of British or white history.
History is made up of great achievements in building, inventions and science and progress in general, not just kings and queens. According to that criterion Africa has no history.I never said they were inferior.
They still want to celebrate it. All I ask is for them to show me some history which I will then celebrate.
The illustration was to show what they have achieved as far as I know. Perhaps there is more.
Show me.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,

Sorry that was such a short post I must have looked at the one below it, which was one of yours.

I’m in agreement with 99% of what you say, but I think in fairness it has to be pointed out that (at least as far as I’m aware) no British person has ever invented a written language, because at best such things develop over many centuries and adapt ideas from other cultures during that process. I’m sure that black people have done many great things over the last 5000 years, so my question is: ‘why are they trying to steal my people’s achievements as well’.

Hi Charles,

I agree with you 100%. British history is the history of a white people, with only a miniscule input from any other race. That’s not racist just a fact!

Now given that, after the police read these comments, we’re all likely to be spending time together in strangeways, I bag the top bunk.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Re: my last post about a phone call from Arthur Kemp. It turned out to be a wind up. Although the Rhodesian accent was spot on.

Nice one!

Keep well
(Chris Hill)

warriorbrave said...

Black people from Africa have been involved in all european civilisations! the percentage being 100th of a %/ of population one in a million!who some how found their way into europe!They come from Africa!they were largly of cannabalistic or headhunting in nature ! like our upper class they sold the poor into bondage and slavery!To day we have many within our society who work hard and earn their keep!More decent than the vile White scum in government!But their history is not here!WE did not ask them ,here nor did we bring them.We have made them welcome The gov; gives them priority status,thus causing animosity and rasial hatred!

Brunnhilde said...

One thing wrong with your picture. In the background, it shows an electricity supply line. Sorry, that is not African, that is European.