Friday, 14 November 2008


I was privelidged together with Paul Rimmer to speak at the inaugural meeting of the Leigh branch of Wigan group BNP.
It was a fantastic venue which we easily filled. The response was overwhelming. Never have I seen such enthusiasm shown by people who were not Party members to our message. Many application forms for membership were distributed and addresses taken for future information.

New venues were offered for larger meetings which I am sure we will need in the future if the enthusiasm of last night is anything to go by.
There seemed to be a hunger for a party to represent the interests of ordinary people who feel betrayed by the existing major parties, and who up till now had swallowed the false propaganda about the BNP peddled by the media.
We demonstrated, or tried to that we are not the ogres painted by the press but ordinary people frustrated and annoyed at having our needs ignored and our democracy stolen by those whose only interest in politics is their own financial gain rather than the prosperity of the people and the future of the country.

To me the meeting was a tonic and boosted my determination to continue the good fight,--for our country and people.

Thank you Gary for inviting me!


Anti-gag said...

Yes Wigan BNP is now the Jewel in the NW region, and is certainly bucking the national trend. This is how our local groups should be run.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

A bigger thank you must go to both yourself, Lanky and Paul Rimmer additionally! Having such experienced Nationalists present to orate our struggle and predicament in our inaugural meeting was paramount and we succeeded!

A fantastic evening prevailed and even I was overwhelmed at the attendance and this after I'd had at least a dozen calls from those I initially informed of the meeting, but couldn't attend for one reason or another; so when arriving late after picking Paul Rimmer up from the train station to see the meeting room full and already set up ready was a joy to behold! Thank you Lanky!

An impromptu address from myself got the ball rolling before yourself and Paul took to the floor and it didn't stop from thereon! The jack bait was good with good olde Leigh 'Lobby' on the menu and pasties to boot (thank you to Geoff the landlaord who provided the food free of charge) the drinks were cheap enough and everyone throughly enjoyed the evenings events. As you say Lanky, we have been offered other venues if need be by individuals supportive of our cause and the feedback from those in attendance was immense and all for the good, although yesterday was for me be struck down with some cold or flu virus I've give a lot of thank you's out to those who attended, even if it has been in a somewhat croaky voice!

Thank you one more time Lanky!

warriorbrave said...

Well done welcome to your lost but found family!! our nation we will stand together