Monday, 8 September 2008


Start by reading both pages of this article

Note that the comment has been censored.

Here is what that comment said:

So - it starts.

This is a new one for Wigan isn't it. It's not so much the violent crime; native British people engage in violent crime too, but normally, if British vioent criminals are going to use a weapon to do it, the tendency is to use a pick handle or such-like. The casual first resort to a machete is a peculiarly African phenomenon - for example, the vast majority of deaths in the Rwandan atrocity were inflicted by machete.

As soon as I read the word 'machete' I knew what the perp description would be.

As "enrichment" increases here, so will this sort of crime. It's the police that are going to be facing down these kinds of perps - why don't they start making representations about the enrichment? After the first local cop gets hacked to death? Anyone remember Keith Blakelock in London? I do. Think about it Constable Localcop.

I have the relevant before/after screengrabs, including both pages of the story.

Still, at least the comment stayed up until quite well on in the evening, so plenty of people will have read it.


Anonymous said...

Sir Henry,

The more Wigantoday, censor and edit the news to their script,
the more Wigan people will question their agenda, the amount of comments censored is absurd !
Fair and rational replys - just

I am awaiting Wigantoday, to report
online, the outcome of the objection Malcolm Robinson made over the Westwood, Chinagate site,
as reported in the WEP last week

They will run out of red ink !

Lanky Patriot said...

I saw it Morgan and so did many others I think. They will all see the censorship of posts which just state the obvious facts and judge the truth of anything they read in the paper to be an illusion.
Everybody knows that the machete is a preferred weapon for blacks and that most knife crime is perpetrated by blacks however the press tries to hide it.
We must keep banging on in our blogs stating the truth and bypassing the PC press.
Blogs are our not so secret weapon.
Keep it up!

BFB said...

Good work, Morgan.

I don't need to tell you how important it is to take screenshots 'before' and 'after' posting a comment, I even do it when commenting on Nationalist blogs/sites.

As I've said before, screenshots are the digital equivalent of fingerprints, and they come in very handy (pun intended)!