Sunday, 7 September 2008


Do you wonder why the various media are so keen to impose censorship on even the most innocuous comment if it educates people about how things really work? Do you wonder why our politicians impose such things as ‘Hate Speech’ laws on us all? Do you wonder why relatively moderate, and, yes, even slightly Left Wing, nationalist parties like the British National Party are demonised? Do you wonder why, despite having lived for decades at peace, you now need a “Hate Crime” czar to pass judgement on the things you say and do? Do you wonder why knife-crime savages receive pitifully lenient punishment when caught (every single knife murder committed in London this year - at least 25 of them - has been committed by young men of immigrant stock) and with almost no media coverage (compare to when Saint Steven was murdered 14 years ago, allegedly by white young men)? Do you wonder why, despite our having experienced the savage nature of many of these immigrants, our politicians hold wide open the immigration gates, and are even now planning to introduce an effective amnesty for 660,000 illegal immigrants already here? Do you, like I do, wonder? Read on:

White Man

We are planning to invade your ancestral homelands, little by little, and to facilitate this, we have the full cooperation of your controlled media and government, academia, and law enforcement organizations. …

By carefully controlling and managing the schools, universities, media, and press, this "out group" has managed to convince the great bulk of your racial kinsmen that not only is resistance futile, but that it is immoral, barbaric, depraved, and unworthy of a “thinking" individual. … they have made the idea of a struggle for White Identity a veritable sin in the minds of nearly every White person. In short: they have convinced European-derived peoples that a prolonged suicide is preferable to the unmitigated evil of "racism".
… they have likewise put into place a totalitarian system of "hate speech" and "hate crime" laws, to further alienate and penalize those few Whites who might harbour some simmering resentments at the increasing decay of their society and culture. …

This is facilitated by decades of brainwashing, beginning in early school years, portraying Whites … as oppressors, enslavers, genocidal "Nazis", southern Klansmen, imperialistic Colonials …

Hence, you Whites have become a neutered, egoless herd of cattle, easily manipulated and posing no threat to the Out Group,
who live in perpetual terror of your ever waking up to their plans. …

… there is nothing you can do to stop us. … the law is on OUR side, not yours. No matter how piffling your criticism of us is, the Out Group will use their media to label you with shocking epithets and broad smears: racist, hater, bigot, neo-Nazi, nativist, White supremacist, domestic terrorist, etc.
If we want to, we can assault and kill you with near impunity. The media will not report it, and if they do, they will place the blame for the assault squarely on YOUR shoulders, not ours. …

Go and read it all:

And wonder no more.
But the letter is wrong. You can stop it. All you have to do is join the BNP (Contact details at the head of this page); volunteer time and a little work to the BNP; at the very least: support the BNP with your vote.

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