Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Below are some motions put forward for discussion at the TUC conference that I have copied from Simon Darby's blog. It is evident that the last thing that these so called representitives of the working class is concerned about is the security and freedom of expression of British workers----

Congress deplores the right-wing political and media agenda that presents minority communities as a threat to the British way of life.

It is obvious that the growth of "minority communities" is a threat to our way of life. (Note how these minorities are referred to as communities), not exactly an example of integration if they are still in communities. No mention is ever made of "English communities"
Congress is dismayed by the Government's claim that so-called 'Islamist extremism' represents the biggest threat to British people.
As all the recent bomb outrages and plots have been perpetrated by muslims they are OBVIOUSLY the greatest threat to the British people.
Congress believes that the agenda of preventing violent extremism plays into the hands of the BNP and other racists and fascists bent on attacking Britain's racial and religious minorities.
So we must not try to prevent violent extremism? Why not? Should we encourage it? As for playing into our hands, we have never advocated attacking religious minorities. As there are more muslims than Methodists do the latter count as a religious minority?
Congress calls on the General Council to lead a broad based campaign, involving Searchlight and other appropriate anti-fascist organisations, to tackle division and deprivation and build greater understanding within local communities.
That means more subsidised propaganda, more taxpayers money spent and more jobs for parasites working in the Hate Crime Office.
Congress believes that such activity should not be based solely around elections, but should be long term and sustainable.
Congress calls upon the Government to
:i) extend statutory duty on schools for the promotion of community cohesion to all public bodies and any other organisations that provide a public service;
No problem with that if it is even handed.
ii) work with the TUC to develop a national strategy to tackle all forms of extremism, including racist and fascist extremism;
And Communist and Left wing extremism?
iii) prohibit members of racist and fascist organisations from holding public office;....
I presume by that they mean us. But they are the fascists as they try to legislate to prevent us having our democratic rights and prevent us working.
Mover: National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women TeachersSeconder: UNISONSupporter: National Union of Journalists.
Note the supporters of this motion. The teachers union, responsible for the decline in educational standards and the NUJ. No wonder we are censored in the press when these antidemocrats control it.

With all the problems facing workers in this country you would have thought the unions would be debating matters of more concern to their members than pushing this subversive antidemocratic left wing agenda.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

About thirty years ago I worked for about six months for Rolls Royce cars as an auto electrician.

There were pay negotiations going on at the time, and the company made a settlement offer. We were all called to a "mass" meeting; the offer was described to us by the shop steward - and a very good offer it was too. So naturally enough, when it came to a vote, we overwhelmingly voted to accept even though the shop steward recommended refusal.

So, accepted it was. As the meeting was dispersing, I had to walk past that shop steward and a couple of his oppos. As I was passing I heard him say to them "Well, we're not doing that again".

That gave me an instant lesson in the lefty attitude to democracy. After I left that job to go abroad again, I never again, right up to this very day, joined another union.

Anti-gag said...

Unions are a great British tradition, and the people who join them are for the most part hard working citizens whose only motivation for membership is to improve their own, and their colleagues, working conditions.

No it's not the unions that are at fault, it's the slime balls who work their way to the top simply to jump on the gravy train (and of course the yes men/women these people collect around them) who should be blamed. Power corrupts, and total power corrupts totally.

Now can anyone think of another organisation that fits that description?

I'll say no more!

Chris Hill