Monday, 22 September 2008


Apologies for this late report of out meeting last Thursday.
The meeting was one of our best with a good attendance with members from Burnley, St Helens and Liverpool joining us. Also at the meeting were 3 new members.
I opened the meeting with a few thoughts on the financial crisis which has been made worse by the profligate spending by Gordon Brown.
This was followed by a short talk by Morgan reminding us of the idiotic actions of the Labour government over the past 11 years. Sometimes it is good to be reminded of these "mistakes" as there have been so many errors damiging our country, economy and society that many tend to be forgotten.
Gary Aronsson then gave a talk which he said would frighten us--and it did. It concerned the actions of the undercover police and terrorism and the fact that they could have found many terrorist devices in raids on deposit boxes which the authorities are now holding at secret locations. The cover stories given is that the contents of the boxes were the proceeds of drugs and illegal tax evasion.
Gary showed that, serious as the crimes are the police actions on at least one occasion had been "over the top" and more in keeping with a search for bomb making equipment. This seemed plausible when he pointed out that since the break up of the Soviet Union large amounts of radio active material and biological agents such as anthrax has gone missing.

The main address was given by Duncan Warner, North West regional secretary on how to counter the dirty tricks of the opposition during elections.
Using the electoral laws he explained how he had shown his local vicar to be a liar when he stated on his electoral expenses form that his expenses were "nil" in spite of having 5 leaflets put out attacking us. Having been elected in part owing to these illegal leaflets he then voted at a council meeting, this latter being a criminal offence.
Duncan told us to much mirth of the efforts of the local police to have us drop the case which is still ongoing.
The outcome of all this is that the vicar has resigned his seat and possibly his parish. A new election will have to be fought and the legal proceedings continue.
We will be vigilant in using the law to protect our rights in the future!

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