Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Two weeks ago I posted a 10 minute clip of Nick Griffin's closing speech on You Tube and today I had an interesting reply, see below.

The comment refers to the clip shown on an earlier blog here. At first I was a bit shocked but I then realised that it is an excellent illustration of what we are fighting against and the dangers posed to our country and people if these aliens ever get control.
Some Asian people have it is true made money here (apart from being recipients of state benefits for their large families) and some have made it honestly. But many are heavily involved in the drugs trade and in many cases feel themselves to be untouchable by playing the race card.
This is a very potent advantage as shown by the trouble experienced by the Metropolitan Police.

Messages such as this are a wake up call for all of us. This man openly admits their intention of taking our country over, and has no hesitation in racially insulting us. I presume he will also object to our soldiers being "in muslim lands" but feels it OK for him to be here.

On the other hand I take his missive as a compliment. The video must have annoyed him enough for him to write. Perhaps he does not like the demonstration of our determination to resist the onslaught from him and his co patriots

His letter has strengthened my resolve.

Lastly. Is this a hate crime? Should I report it to Elliot as I perceive it to be racist? No doubt if it was the other way round it would be considered so.

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