Tuesday, 23 September 2008


In his "make or break" speech at the Labour Party Conference Gordon Brown pledged to fight the BNP.
This is the first time I have ever heard the Party mentioned in a crucial party speech and I feel it shows the increasing note that is being taken of our party. We have long been dismissed as a fringe "extremist" and "right wing" party of no real relevance to politics in general.
The fact that Brown felt it necessary to memtion the Party in such terms betrays his concern at our growth and our threat to the Labour Party. It is ironic that a party supposedly of the left worries at losing votes to a party of the right. It just shows that the labels attached to us and Labour are meaningless. They are not really of the mainstream left, more Stalinist dictatotorial left and we are not of the right but more mainstream .
We believe in social justice, unlike them or the Tories, not top down dictatorship from government.

BUT we also believe in the duty of a British government to act in the interests of OUR people and OUR country and not be subservient to foreign countries or global businesses.

We are recognised as a mainstream party now and the others are frightened. Someday soon they will have to debate with us in spite of the wishes of the wealthy donors to their party funds living in their tax havens abroad.

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