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Hmmm – with a sense of humour like that, I suggest Labour should book a permanent slot on the Comedy Shop.

Today, John Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham has posted an article in the Guardian newspaper.

Frankly, the article itself is is just … er … crud ... and not worth bothering with. But scroll down to the wonderful comments following it . And bear in mind that we are talking here about the Guardian and its readers.

At the last general election, Labour's Neil Turner won Wigan with 55.1% of the vote. However, turnout was just 53.3%, which means only about 29% of the Wigan electorate positively endorsed him as MP. This means that even if he was to maintain his share of the vote at the next election, he is vulnerable if the turnout can be raised enough.

But is there any need to raise the turnout? Labour's share of the vote in Wigan keeps dropping anyway, from a high of 61% in 2002 - and read the comments that follow the above Guardian article … Phew – Labour is not exactly popular even in the heartland of Labour voters. Labour has become seriously unpopular - so can Labour in Wigan maintain its share of the vote? Do you still want to vote for Mr Turner? Go here, scroll down a bit and read his voting record in Parliament. If you scroll down further you can also read his expenses record. Very educational indeed.

Here are a couple of sample comments from the above Guardian article:

“” perklet Sep 29 08, 2:07am (about 12 hours ago)
[Quote from Cruddas’s article, talking about the Tories - Morg]: “They have been able to portray state intervention - which has to be part of any redistributive politics - as an undesirable intrusion into people's lives.”

What about the Labour Party's other 'undesirable intrusions' into people's lives... 42 days detention, spy cameras on every street corner, ID cards, extradition (on request) of British citizens to the USA with its sinister off-shore prison camps, etc, etc. [and extradition to any EU state on demand - for offences against their laws committed in THIS country - without them being offences here. They can put you on trial without you even knowing it, sentence you to jail, then send over a couple of THEIR cops to arrest you at home and take you back to their country to serve your jail sentence. Our own police and courts don't even need to be consulted - Morg]

You haven't just bungled the economy, J Cruddas [and Neil Turner et al], but you're marching the UK into being a centrally controlled police state.

The Labour party stinks of Stalin and the jackboot , the consequence of a clique of mediocrities who have no idea of the real world. “”

“”bugaboo Sep 29 08, 9:05am (about 5 hours ago)
Jon Cruddas
Dear Jon,
Sometimes I think you forget what paper you are writing your articles for. Surely you must realise that the readers of this paper will see through your cant?

Articles like this remind me of the cheating partner begging for forgiveness. NuLabour has been playing away with that posh bird from the city. Meanwhile, their faithful but mundane, for NuLabour, regular partners are neglected. Suddenly, they seem surprised to find that the posh bird turns out to be all fur coat and no knickers. Scurrying back home; they appear to be even more surprised that their long suffering partners have turned elsewhere for comfort.
I suspect that you, and many others in your party, will be receiving dear John letters in the not too distant future.

“” Tetleyteaman Sep 29 08, 9:52am (about 4 hours ago)
Oh my, you just don't get it do you?

The only future I want to reconnect you lot with is the dole office. Let me give you a few reasons why, in no order of priority.

- The wholesale rape of the private pensions industry to finance Gordon's support of the feckless and irresponsible. And let's not forget the pensions apartheid with the now bloated public sector - more council tax Vicar?
-The European Referendum promised in your 2005 Manifesto. I'm still waiting ....
- Just how many Diversity Co-ordinators and Bin Inspection Operatives do we need?
- MP's expenses. Presided over by one Michael Martin, the guy whose wife likes to bill us (the taxpayer) for her taxis. Nice.
- Balls. Yvette [Cooper] and Ed. I am still waiting to hear which of their taxpayer funded homes is their main residence.
- NHS Dentists. You tried finding one lately? About as common as a fully capitalised bank.
- Harriet Harperson. How such a raging feminist can be allowed to peddle her bile is beyond rational thinking.
- Immigration. How many more cheap jobs do you want to fill by importing labour rather than educate and train our own?
- 42 days. Magna Carta is not a dormat you know.
- 'NO MORE BOOM AND BUST!' Don't even get me going on that one.
- Vital infrastructure (power generation, water supply) now in the hands of the French, Spanish, Germans and Americans. Which incompetent idiot decided it was a good idea to do this in the name of globalisation?
- Whilst the financial world was falling about in ruins, Brown was preaching to the UN about African poverty. Nice to know where his priorities lie.
- Whilst pensioners freeze due to crippling price rises, Browm merrily gives away £800m to India, £75m to Bangladesh, £2m to Georgia - I could go on. Spare us the generosity abroad, look after those at home.
- And speaking of cripling energy price rises, why can the French cap theirs but we can't? The regulator could but, oh, wait on - the Government got rid of it !!
- Iraq.
- WMD's.
- Afghanistan - In it's heyday the British Empire couldn't conquer it, the Russians in their heyday couldn't either. What makes you think that 6000 poorly equipped British soldiers can?
- Why does an MOD employee get £400k for breaking a nail yet a soldier with arms & legs blown off in combat get £150k?
- The Gurkhas. Are you blind as well as deaf?
- 'TOUGH ON CRIME, TOUGH ON THE CAUSES OF CRIME'. Then why is knife crime soaring, gun crime as well, drug dealers still driving around in flash cars whilst all the police seem to do is sit by the road with speed cameras?There is always space in jail for an 80 year old council tax refusenik it seems but not for a mugger, rapist or burglar.
- Stealth taxes - how many in the last 11 years?
- Green taxes - just how much does your glorious leader intend to bleed us dry, but more importantly, where has it all gone? Oh yes, the benefit system that allows the feckless to make a career of not working.
- Labour's class warfare on a national scale. Did you really have nothing more to do with your time than to ban fox hunting? Like running a country perhaps? Or Ed Ball's crusade on dumbing down education and robbing the children of today of the education benefits that he had.
- Speaking of the Balls again, what about Yvette's crusade against the housing market with HIP's. Oh sorry, you can't get rid of them because the EU won't allow you too.
- NuLabour's crowning glory is that councils now can't even empty the refuse bins weekly.

I am sure that there are many, many more pinnicles of your 11 years in charge that I could name but can't think of right now, so please spare me your concern when you find that I have no intention of ever giving you my vote. For that matter, the Tories won't get it either as I remember it was their selling off of the utilities and the imposition of the Financial Services and Markets Act that has led to to where we are today. In fact, there is only one thing that I can think of where 11 years of NuLabour mismanagement has benefitted me, and that is the smoking ban. I just wish that I could find a traditional pub in which to enjoy my new-found nicotine smell-free existance.

So please, crawl back into your expense-laden pit that is Westminster. Make the most of your remaining 19 months or so of perks and pension benefits and do not be surprsed when you, and your party, are consigned to the dungheap of history where NuLabour belongs. I yearn for that moment, as do 75% of the electorate.

And stop this moralising claptrap - we are sick of it and just want rid of you. “”

Just a sample. FROM THR GUARDIAN, of all places. Take a trip over there and enjoy yourselves reading them.



"" Tetleyteaman Sep 29 08, 12:08pm (about 4 hours ago) Mr Cruddas, please permit me to continue my rant as you need to be reminded of several other NuLabour highlights :

- Who was it who sold Westinghouse knowing full well that our nuclear power stations were, like Nu Labour, coming to the end of their lives? And what happened to the approx £2bn that Mitsubishi paid for it?
- The money from the gold sale, where did that go?
- EDF Energy, of which the UK head media guy is one Andrew Brown, brother of The Great Unelected One, wins the contract to buy Britsh Energy. And what of the donations made by EDF to both Labour and the Conservatives?
Oo la la !Obviously no cronyism and back-slapping there then.
- How come the Scots and Welsh can finance free NHS prescriptions when the cost to the English increases?
- Read 'More Of The Above' for hospital parking charges, police service pay rise, student fees etc etc etc.
- And how come it is right for Scottish MP's to vote on English matters but not the other way around?
- Why is there a Black Police Association but no White Police Association? Does equality only go one way in Labour's La La Land?
- Just when are we are going to see the PFI costs included in the overall government debt?
- Why does NuLabour take pride in telling us that MRSA figures are in decline when they should not be there in the first place?
- How come radical Muslim preachers can spout hate and terrorism from the safety of a mosque yet are immune to arrest? Oh yes, it's their 'uman rites, innit?'
- And speaking of Human Rights, would the acceptance of it into UK Law have something to do with Cherie Blair QC making a mint out of it with her legal practice?
- 'Memorandums of Understanding' - as my late father used to say, about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.
- Our esteemed Home Secretary being afraid to walk the streets without a flak vest or police escort. What is she afraid off - nasty voters or hoodies?
- Cash for Honours.
What's in it for JK Rowling methinks?
- Keith Vaz. No whimsical quip needed here.
- Tony Bliar's Farewell Tour - let me know when the begging bowl is coming around for The Great Unelected One's exit, I would pay good money for that.
- The Competition Commission - can someone fully tell me why Lloyds & HBOS was waived through, when earlier in the year Santander were denied the same right? And how come Santander have now got hold of B&B's savings balances at a knock down price? Compensation perhaps?
- Offshoring. How can it be right for UK jobs to be sacrificed?
- And just how do you expect us to trust you lot to run the economy when your own party is something like £15m in debt. When are you going to have your Baldrick Moment and tell us of your cunning plan?

Please also tell us how much more financial terrorism your Great Leader and his Unfeasibly Large Eyebrowed Sock Puppet are going to subject UK PLC to. If you think that the electorate will vote Labour in 2014/2015 due to the pain that the next government will have to put us through I suggest that you are smoking the wrong stuff.

I suggest you take note of the Russian Ministers comment to Boy Millibland - just who do you think that you are talking to?

Just go, and tell the rest of your party that the next NuLabour MP or Minister that writes the same twaddle here will not get an easier ride. ""

Methinks Tetleyteaman is not a happy bear.


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