Wednesday, 1 October 2008


The financial crisis and subsequent panic by all countries should come as no surprise to members of the BNP even though the other political parties here did not see it coming.
Nick Griffin has been predicting it for years.
The cause of the trouble which is a disaster for all our people from those with money deposited in failing banks, people with reduced pensions and those unfortunate to lose their jobs owing to the economic downturn is directly down to irresponsible banking practices and globalisation.
These have been fully supported by the other parties, partly because of their financial naivety and partly because they are funded by the very thieves who caused the trouble after departing with their unearned mega bonuses.
The whole system encourages corruption where short term private gain for a few individuals is put before the interests of the country, while the global economy so beloved by them prevents nations protecting themselves.
The world awaits the decision of the American congress to see whether a meltdown can be prevented. We are all in danger due to this irresponsible lending which Nick foresaw.
The city of London has made its fast bucks by selling our industries so whatever happens we are in for a hard time.
The BNP would never put personal or even Party advantage before the interests of the nation and this crisis has shown that the other parties are unfitted to be trusted to govern.
That is why this country needs the BNP, the only party to put Britain first.

Below is a link to a speech by Nick Griffin made in June last year, the day before Glasgow Airport was bombed. The picture is a bit dark but the content of the speech is a remarkable forecast of the events of the last 18 months. It is well worth watching.

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