Thursday, 25 September 2008


It has been reported this week that Wigan is one of the worst towns in Britain for litter.
This reflects badly on the town and it is ironic that Wigan is the headquarters of the "Keep Britain Tidy" organisation.

There are two main reasons for this.

1-- A careless attitude to throwing litter amongst some sections of the community who think it right to blight our town with their rubbish. Also there is illegal flytipping by "cowboy builders" and the like.

2-- The lack of people cleaning the streets.

I know there are teams of men cleaning up but there are obviously not enough. I've seen the men working and they work hard but they can only do so much. There should be more street cleaners. We know the excuse--lack of money, to which I say RUBBISH!
One year's salary INCREASE of the chief executive's pay would finance an extra team ( by the way who does award these salary rises?). Or Elliot's useless hate crime office could be closed with him and his staff given a useful job for a change (Pick up your brushes on the way out).

3-- Stricter enforcement of litter laws, and I dont mean fining children for dropping crisps or lolly sticks.
Traffic wardens could be diverted from persecuting motorists for this job, or PCSOs could do it, they don't seem to be much use at anything else.

So there we have it, a solution to the problem at no extra cost. All it needs is organisation so come on Ms Redfern, justify your £195.000 salary and let's have some action for the sake of our town because at present Wigan Metro's rubbish management is RUBBISH.

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