Thursday, 14 August 2008


Yesterday we went to the RWB festival site to give them a lift with the putting up of the marquees. Good progress had already been made but there was still a lot to do. The pictures show about half of the tents which have been erected. Not seen is the big tent where the political programme takes place. Also is the food tent and a dedicated North West tent.
The top picture shows the fairground in the early stages of erection and surprisingly the field is remarkedly dry.
There have been minor incidents irritations by the Fascist Left. Graffiti has been sprayed on the entrance to the field and used syringes left in front of the gate. I suppose this trash has to have somewhere to dispose of their syringes and they are not the most tidy people.
Alan Warner the farmer is confident the police will have everything under control and the occasion will be a safe one.
The only possible difficulty could be the weather but there is adequate cover and plenty to see and do.
The best thing about these gatherings is the cameraderie , meeting good people in a friendly setting with children playing unmolested by perverts as they could be elsewhere. You always leave invigorated and happy to meet so many like minded people.
I urge any members and their friends to make the effort to attend, it will be well worth it.
Hope to see you this weekend.

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Anti-gag said...

I won't be attending the RWB this year, but I look forward to seeing the Wigan group at the EGM straight afterwards. Let's hope the weather keeps fine and that everyone has a great time at what after all is a family festival of British culture.

Chris Hill