Monday, 11 August 2008


People of Greater Manchester are to be asked to approve a congestion charge for vehicular access into the city.

The cost of entry into Manchester per day could be as much as £10. This and the added complcation of obtaining tickets and the liability to be fined for late payment would cause endless of trouble for workers and businesses in Manchester.

In exchange for all this cost and inconvenience we are told to expect improvements in public transport and a general improvement of the business and work environment.
How these idiots think costing people £10 per day improves the business costs and efficiency is beyond me.
It shows how far they are for the realities of real life for business and workers.
We already pay enough taxes to pay for the projected public transport improvements,and if past experience is anything to go on most of the revenue generated by the charge would be swallowed up in administering the scheme.
Inadequate planning over the past 60 years with jobs sited too far from people's homes and too much concentration of work in one place in Manchester and other cities has caused many of the problems with the daily commute.
How to find the money for public transport without finance from charges?
Give these featherbedded bureaucrats a shovel or change their job description from planners to builders.
They created the problem in the first place, let them fix it.
But not at our expense!

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