Friday, 8 August 2008


People from the media have been scouring China looking for instances of human rights abuses while our government has also complained about these abuses.
Speaking freely can result in arrest.
People belonging to organisations the government does not approve of can be discriminated against.
Failure to toe the govenments line can lead to victimisation in the jobs market.
People's houses can be taken off them to make way for government projects such as the Games.
How terrible! How unlike the situation here,where in free Britain we have
People jailed for using the word P*** to describe someone from a country whose name starts with those letters( note how in this "free" country I am afraid to write the word)
So much for our free speech then!
Legal organisations hindered from holding festivals to celebrate their beliefs and unity, like the BNP is with the RWB.
So much for the freedom of association then!
People losing their jobs when they are found to be members of the BNP.
So much for freedom of concience then!
People having their property compulsorily purchased to make way for government schemes.
So much for property rights then!
In 20 years China will be richer and may have a new government which could give them more freedom.

If things continue as they are we will be poorer, disunited and---
Will have lost our country FOR EVER! There will be no turning back the clock!
What about our human rights? What about our right to have a country of our own?
Who cares about us?----THE BNP.

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