Monday, 18 August 2008


An excellent RWB was enjoyed by thousands last weekend. We were lucky with the weather and the forecast rain did not come until Saturday evening and it did little to disrupt our enjoyment although some may have lost a little sleep because of it.
The friendly atmosphere at these gatherings has to be experienced to be believed, a spirit of unity of purpose which is so lacking in the rest of society.
Some latecomers were delayed by the undemocratic trash who were intent on preventing this very private celebration of British unity,led of course by the loony Left Bob Crow and the ugly and odious Weyman Bennett. What right have these two and especially the latter to try to prevent our celebration.WHAT FASCISTS!
Unlike the Notting Hill Carnival and Glastonbury there were no arrests on our site and no drugs taken or knives used.
The police were out in force at great cost. This would have been un necessary if the Reds had left us alone and the higher taxes used to pay the police are caused by them.
I believe the police were there partly to protect this rabble as if they had managed to gain access there could have been injury to the protesters such was the anger when it was rumoured there had been a break in.
The fact that we were banned from selling alcohol did not stop us having a good time, in fact some had too good a time and woke up the next day regretting it.
The ban was just a peevish effort to spoil our fun but we carried on.
This must have annoyed them as they came in with a council official (on overtime on Saturday night) to find fault.
SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND, if you look hard enough, and we have been told to expect action to be taken for holding an unauthorised Punch and Judy show without a licence and playing "live music". The music was away from the road in the Marquee and was only on for 30 minutes so they must have been waiting to pounce.


What a propaganda coup---BNP man jailed for not paying a fine imposed for holding a Punch and Judy show----Bring it on!

Below are some pictures taken on Saturday. I have filmed some of the excellent speeches and will copy them as soon as possible.

The chairman discussing ?dogs

Chopping wood for the camp fire

Children's "Rocket Range"

The chairman meets "Captain Mainwaring"

A picture of my wife taking a well earned rest. Well I have to put her in don't I?

Three" likely lads"

A scene round the food tent.

A party from St Helens (there were no Wiganers about).

Another scene in the outdoor caff.
Sunday dawned dry after the overnight rain and there were excellent speeches by Richard Barnbrook and Peter Strudwick culminating by the chairman's inspirational closing address delivered from the "Truth Truck" which entered the field to the strains of "I vow to thee my country".Following the speech the festivities ended with our hymn "Jerusalem".
Everyone left the field feeling united and inspired to continue our struggle for justice for the British people.
Afterwards an emergency General Meeting was held where it was decided to continue the practice of allowing leadership challenges each year provided 5% party members signed the nomination form of a candidate.
After a free discussion where points for and against were made the amendment was passed by an overwhelming majority.


Anti-gag said...

The 5% compromise is in fact no compromise at all, and I’m convinced that this 5% level was Griffin’s intention all along. Because without a membership list it’s totally unachievable, and leaves him in the position of an unchallengeable dictator. Mr Griffin has no political ambition for the BNP at all, to him it’s simply a source of income. For the sake of our nation, and our people, he must be stopped.

Chris Hill

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Excellent post and pictures Lanky!

Anti-gag said...

We must be honest with ourselves now, the only we can save our nation is by getting MP’s elected, then ask yourselves under Griffin’s leadership are we ever likely to achieve that? Mr Griffin does not want a serious political party, or even a party that grows much above 6 or 7 thousand members, simple because he’ll lose control of it.

Last Sunday there was no opposition to Griffin, despite what people may think they saw at the EGM, all that was just another of Griffin’s clever road show again. Once again can I ask people to be honest and ask themselves if Collett would ever dare speak against Griffin, knowing that by doing so he was risking his position on the BNP’s gravy train? We must all now face the truth: we were all set up!

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

On a different point can I say how good it is to see a report on the RWB on a local group's blog, nice to have some photographs of the local members as well.

This is one of the few BNP local blogs that actually cover the activities of the local members. Local videos next I hope.

As always it's well done Wigan BNP!

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

I've had an anonymous post left on my blog and I would like to get Wigan member's opinion on the figures it gives.


It has been reported that there were 1800 people at the RWB over the weekend. I was there both days and I don't think there were more than 300 people on the Saturday and perhaps 500 on Sunday. But given most of the 300 people on Saturday were also there on Sunday as well, a more realistic figure for the total weekend attendance would be 550 to 600.

I also saw a few people turn up for the EGM afterwards, but as I don't think they had to pay I don't think they should be counted as being at the RWB itself.


Does this match with what the Wigan group saw, or is he/she being too pessimistic? I see the official BNP figure for the attendance is 4000 which seems to me to be ludicrous.

Chris Hill

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Last year we only had the one field for both caravans and tents alike for the festival goers. This year; that particular field was filled by predominantly caravans with only the odd tent user in between.
This year we had the extra field solely for the campers; there was 5lanes in which to pitch your tent and each lane being around 300-400 yards long and and this was also filled. As was with those campers who opted to pitch around the perimeters of the field.

At NG's speech on the Sunday, the depth of the crowd was around double that of last year.

4000 would be about right.

Anti-gag said...

Dear leigh, lancashire nationalist,

Charles does seem to agree with your opinion that there were more people at the RWB this year than last, and I trust his word completely.

But why then are there no photographs of all these people? The only large group photograph I’ve seen was taken at the EGM, which was not part of the official RWB event. In fact some people turned up to just the EGM, and even those photos show only about 250 sitting in the tent with maybe 50 more standing outside.

Where were all these people hiding when the photos on this blog were taken?

I am not questioning Charles’s honesty, but he may well be mistaken (wishful thinking) about the numbers. Please prove me wrong with a photograph of say 250 people plus together on the site at one time, which (if the attendance had been 4000 as has been claimed) should be easy. Not the EGM photos please.

I would have been able to confirm the attendance at the EGM myself had I not been barred from using my democratic right to vote and speak at the meeting by one of Griffin’s goon. Can I ask ‘what does the Wigan group think about barring members from the EGM because they wanted to vote against the undemocratic changes to an already nonsense constitution?’.

Chris Hill.