Friday, 11 July 2008


The only two ways Orwell got it wrong was in the timing, and the extent of "Thought-Crime". It has finally arrived for real.

" So, there were are – "European" justice for you: guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent, guilty of an "offence" even though there is no victim, and prey to any passing race relations industry zealot who thinks they can make a quick buck out of taking you to court.

Lord Denning, I think, will be turning in his grave. "

I can hear Elliot's mind ticking over from here. Our very own race relations industry zealot. And YOU are paying his salary for him to oppress you.

It's not a lot to read so please do go and read it:


Anti-gag said...

Firstly can I say well done to Chris Hilton, this result was one of our best from around the country last Thursday. But the fact still is that at a time when the Labour party is going through its most unpopular period for a quarter of a century, we were still only able to persuade 1 registered voter in 50 to turn out and vote for us. If this is Griffin's quiet revolution we might as well give up and go home. To put it simply: Griffin's BNP is not winning the hearts and minds of the British people.

It is clear now that under Griffin's leadership the party is in serious decline: six years ago when I first stood for the party in local council elections, our candidates could reasonable expect 15-25% of the vote, with 35-40% being not that unusual. Just for how much longer can we really keep fooling ourselves that we are still winning the battle?

While the Griffin/Collett gang are draining the party's funds to pay for holidays in Spain, our nation is being lost. Just like the Roman Emperor Nero Griffin fiddles while our nation burns.

Chris Hill.

MerlinsTempest said...

Firstly I'd like to say thanks and well done to Chris Hilton for standing for us. Then I'd like to offer the same sentiments to those who got out and leafleted for Chris and our party.

Whilst leafleting I did find it a bit disappointing when one young fellow I'd handed a leaflet to, looked at it, showed it to his children and then promptly put it into his bin. On the other hand, I was uplifted by a greater number of people who thanked me for the leaflet, offered their encouragement and pledged voting support for the BNP.

I wouldn't say it's a revolution that I am witnessing, but, during the 3 years that I have been an active party member, leafleting at every given opportunity, I can honestly say that I am seeing that our message is getting across to the people. More people are slowly but surely waking up and seeing through the brainwash of the rotten, corrupt media, and seeing that the BNP is the only real chance that we have of seeing this country restored to sanity, decency and greatness again.

Whilst the Lib/Lab/Con remain in power, things are only set to get worse in Britain. More and more British people are going to have their lives 'enriched' by this multi-culti madness and steady economic downfall. Those people will in turn look to the BNP. All we have to do is hold fast and keep working away for the party. I am not fooling myself – I know that we are indeed winning the battle and that our time will come. I also know that Mr. Griffin is the only man that is capable of leading us to that time.

God speed Nick Griffin and The British National Party into power!